April 12, 2013

Sweet & Southern

tee- c/o Kay-La
shorts- Levi's [updated style]
shoes- Converse

Let's be real here, the reason I look so full of joy in these photos is because it has warmed up around here and I can finally wear shorts regularly! Though those first few days of wearing sandals feels weird-- my toes aren't covered, oh geez I need a pedicure, and I have to watch where I am going because I am clumsy-- it is always nice not to think about staying warm all day. 

This Sweet and Southern tee from Kay-La was so easy to pair with my cutoffs! I can see myself wearing it all summer, especially as a swimsuit cover-up. It's cropped, so it can be easily layered and the loose fit is perfect for an "ice cream every night" vacation. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $35 credit to Kay-La Handbags! 


  1. Quit bein' so friggin' fraggin' cute.

  2. So cute!


  3. I NEED that shirt!! Although it'd have to be the state of Georgia... but I have been to Louisiana a lot :)