April 19, 2013

Inspiration: Chartreuse + Bubblegum + Olive

Chartreuse + Bubblegum + Olive

Today's inspiration post is all about a color combination I want to try this season! I love the idea of pairing such a bright shade of chartreuse with a neutral like army green. Tossing in the bubblegum keeps the color combo sweet, but subtly so.

This outfit would be good for a shopping day, a movie date, or a day exploring on vacation! These sandals are good for walking and will stay on your feet with every step, courtesy of the secure ankle strap and the multiple straps across your foot. The belt cinches you in while the cargo vest keeps the look hangin' loose. Don your favorite Panama hat for an extra cool factor, then dab on a bit of my favorite cheek stain and fuchsia nails and you're ready to go! 

PS: All of these items are under $50, so they are totally affordable. Plus the dress is from Target and is on sale in stores right now!

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  1. I really want those sandals for the summer!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)