April 30, 2013

How to Wear A Skirt as A Top

top- Tibi skirt borrowed from Juley
pants- J. Crew [same]
shoes- Liz claiborne
belt- vintage

Juley also sent this Tibi skirt along with the Camilyn Beth jacket! I have seen it on her blog before, though not for a while. I love the colors in it and it feels so much like a late 1960s post-modern kitchen to me. I think it partially is because of the colors. An avocado stove, a spicy mustard shag rug, and a banana fridge-- perfection

The skirt was a bit loose around the waist, so I immediately reverted to my instinctive, "but can I wear it as a top?" idea and it worked! I loved it without the belt. Although, for a good night out look, straying away from an "eating room" top is probably best. 

The lesson to be learned here is: if your skirt is too big, wear it as a top! 

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I'm cutting down on my spending habits so this will be an awesome idea to reuse my wardrobe!