April 15, 2013

Coast to Coast Style: Sporty Chic

Our April Coast to Coast Style theme is Sporty Chic! Read on to see how Dani and I interpreted this cool trend. Check out our previous posts here and here.

turtleneck- Gap
tank- vintage Nike
leggings- Zara
shoes- Liz Claiborne
beanie- thrifted

Since I spotted this pin a couple of months ago, I have been dying, dying to find some old Nike gear! Call me crazy, but I felt really cool in this look. It is not my normal aesthetic but it's fun to take on a different character every once in a while. 

That is what I love about clothes, the difference people you can choose to be on a whim! Today I am a little bit of that The Love Boat chick from Sister Act 2 and tomorrow I may channel Shirley Jones in Oklahoma! Clothes should be fun and you should experiment with different looks-- you may find a new favorite!

On to Dani's look...

oxford & purple tank- Nordstrom
jacket- Obey via Urban Outfitters
leggings- Old Navy
boots- Steve Madden
necklace- F21 

With every passing blog post Dani publishes, I am more amazed at her layering skillz (I have a beanie on, so I have a right to add "z" instead of "s" to any word I choose). At first I didn't even notice that her tank wasn't attached to the oxford, but I did a double take and, lo & behold, the girl managed to get a little color into this look! 

She also made her letter jacket look way cool outside of high school. I never had a letter jacket, but I may steal my brother's when it gets cold again and replicate this look! I already stole his Yankees flat bill, so maybe he won't notice a disappeared jacket...

Don't forget to Pin our combo image! Remember that if you have any suggestions for looks you would like to see us cover you can e-mail me at thinktwicestyle@gmail.com or Dani at danisays@yahoo.com

Head over to Dani's blog, The Daily Dani, to see what she says about our takes!

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