March 29, 2013

The Basics

jeans- Levi's [similar]
jacket- ASOS [same]
boots- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [updated version]
bag- vintage Coach, thrifted [updated version]
rings- thrifted
cross necklace- c/o Piperfield's
okra necklace- St. Claude NOLA

I headed down to downtown BR this morning to the Creative Louisiana talk by Tommy Talley, of TommysTV, at The Office. He spoke on the wonderful thing we call the Internet, and how it has changed and affected our world over the years. After everyone had their coffee, we were asked to grab a prop and then proceeded to film our own version of The Harlem Shake. If you have yet to be exposed to this crazed Internet sensation, check out all of the videos on YouTube! The LSU one is my favorite, but maybe I am biased.

This was my second Creative Louisiana talk, the first being to see Anthony Ryan Auld the morning after he was eliminated from Project Runway Season 9. It is always a cool learning experience and I encourage any locals to head out to one of them on the last Friday of each month! I can't wait to see what the upcoming months' topics will be!


  1. I would wear this outfit! Laid-back, but still stylish. :)

  2. This reminds me - we haven't visited Piperfields in a while. I think it's such a cool store, the way it's all laid out and whatnot.