March 18, 2013

Sleuth Suit

blouse- thrifted BCBG
skirt & belt- thrifted
loafers- TJ Maxx
headband- glued on a pair of old clip-ons!
purse- vintage Coach [thrifted for $20] [updated version]
neckalce- c/o Piperfield's

Over the weekend, my niece turned 13. That kid who has been my best friend and favorite cookie baking partner since birth is a teenager... I feel so old! Anyway, she had an outdoor movie party under the oak trees with popcorn, cream soda, and red & white stripes everywhere! It made me jealous.

Because she is an old soul [her favorite show is Andy Griffith], the movie of choice was the 2007 version of Nancy Drew starring Emma Roberts. I felt a bit inspired this weekend to put together a modern-day Nancy Drew look from things I already had in my closet! Granted, I originally bought this skirt for a Bonnie & Clyde costume, but I have worn it since [here] for non-costume purposes and loved it just the same.

Nancy was my favorite sleuth growing up. I liked that she was intelligent, adventurous, and strong in her beliefs. And, because the first books in the series were written beginning in the 1930s, I bet the writers imagined her wearing great clothes! I always imagined her in a pretty silk dress with fluttery sleeves, much like this blouse, and always always wearing loafers!

What do you think? Have you ever been influenced by a character in books?

PS: Jennifer featured me in her Dig Magazine Haute of the Street article last week. Check it out here! And yes, that is chalk on my shirt. 


  1. your headband is soooooo cute!

    xo josephine