March 6, 2013

Oh So Pretty

tee- Jolie & Elizabeth [same]
skirt- c/o eShakti [same]
belt- vintage
shoes- Liz Claiborne
necklace- c/o BPJ
rings- thrifted or gifted

First of all, I would like to give a big thank you to eShakti for this amazuhzing skirt! It has been patiently waiting for the perfect event to be presented to the world! I wore this to the first of my NOLAFW shows last night. Not to brag, but I received so many compliments on it! Though it is technically a slip, it has pockets, so the smart designers at eShakti knew that gals like me would rebel and wear it as a skirt! I can't wait to wear it again and feel like a ballerina!

If you need me, I'll be the girl doing pirouettes across the floor singing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."


  1. What a great skirt! I love eShakti!

  2. What a great outfit! Super cute!


  3. You look gorgeous. You ARE gorgeous. Why don't I own this skirt?

    I'm so glad we're friends, especially now that you are a celebrity. ;)

    I love you.