March 4, 2013

Inspiration: Cobalt


I think this inspiration board says it all.. I am really into cobalt right now. True, it has always been one of my favorite colors, but seeing it come to life in clothing more now than I have seen it before makes me excited! Cobalt blue for all my friends! 

In thinking about what I already have in my closet in this shade, I am excited to re-shop what I already have! Blouses, a silky dress, and a pair of pants. The next time I am out (which be probably be for laundry detergent...) I will be on the lookout for a cobalt blue scarf. It would be the perfect touch of color for spring and summer! Just enough to make a splash in the wardrobe you already have. Trendy, but not bank-breaking.

Oh goodness... did I just catch myself on the path to shopping smart? Oye vey.

PS: I hope to see you at the NOLAFW shows this week! I will be there Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday nights. I can't wait to see what the designers put on the runway this season! If you happen to see a guy who looks like a Baldwin brother, that's just my Dad. He has a plan to sneak into the shows and see how many people mistake him for Alec. Flatter him, will you?


  1. Sooo happy this color is back in trend. I've always loved it!!