March 27, 2013

Comfy & Cozy Are We

sweater- Gap [similar]
jeans- Lucky Brand [similar]
boots- Clarks [similar]

For days when the only reason I move from the couch is to get food or water, comfort is key. This crazy weather has made our spring feel like winter, so I needed to stay cozy and this soft sweater was the perfect way to keep warm without suffocating. These jeans are insanely soft and feel like pajamas from washing them so many times! 

Here's a little tip: wash your jeans inside-out to preserve the color, but put a towel in the dryer with them to help make them softer. I haven't a clue why it works, but I can tell a difference with and without a towel. 


  1. I love those boots! This looks so comfy!

  2. Um, stop. You look way too cute to be sitting on the couch all day! I spend my lazy days in full-on pajamas. Don't judge.

    Also, this towel trick. I need to try it. Except my laundry pile is so massive that an extra go round with a towel would probably put me on an 8th load. Oops.