March 10, 2013

Attic Trash & Treasure Sale 2013

Ryan, Me, and Josh

This weekend was Inner Wheel's annual Attic Trash & Treasure Sale in Baton Rouge, and, as usual, it was  BLAST! Earlier in the week after Ryan's NOLAFW show, I mentioned the sale to him and told him that he just had to go and take Josh. Rummaging through other people's old junk isn't new to them. I was so glad they decided to meet us there at the ungodly hour of 7:30 in the morning! 

We scrambled through the jewelry first while Josh was (I think) going through some of the clothes. Ryan bought an antique standing camera that I swooned over... but at least it's going to a good home! I'm filing for visitation rights promptly, though.

I scored some vintage badminton racquets, a mid-1940s dress, some old ski caps, sweet jewelry, vinyl LPs of my favorite musicals, a 1950s coat, a few sequin tops, a lace collar, and a natural fur capelet. 

Afterwards, we headed to Time Warp for their Spring Super Sale, where everything was dirt cheap! I found a few things I just had to have, including a vintage swim cap. What will I use it for, you ask? I haven't a clue.

All in all, it was a great day of shopping and events around BR and NOLA! I am so exhausted but it was well worth the lack of sleep! Now, if you would, please excuse me while I go take a nap. It's like Josh says, "If you're tired, take a nap!"

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