February 5, 2013

Inspiration: Diana Ross

This inspiration post is particularly exciting for me as I am living out one of my dreams this weekend-- seeing Diana Ross in concert!!! [!!!...!!!] She is coming into town to perform with the Baton Rouge Symphony to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.

From the time I was about 10, I have been obsessed with Diana Ross. Since her time with The Supremes and duets with Lionel Richie [!!!] to her solo career, I have been the ultimate fan girl! When I saw the movie Stepmom I became enamored with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," even though the version on the movie was Marvin Gaye and not Diana. After that, my Mom bought me Diana Ross: The Ultimate Collection. 13 years later, it still gets blasted through my car speakers. Once I got into Diana & The Supremes, I got into Michael McDonald and more Motown. I was my first real secular music experience, as I had only been allowed to listen to Christian music until that point [Peace, Love, & Amy Grant].

So... needless to say, I am bursting at the seams and ready to embrace the 'fro and sparkle for a night that is sure to be one of my best memories! I already have a killer dress from Time Warp Vintage, so I wanted to share my jewelry and makeup inspiration. My dress has metallic waves, so I kept up the metal motif. The Queen Diva herself constitutes a dozen layers of Clinique High Impact mascara in black and the chubby stick in Voluptuous Violet. For the hair, jeweled headbands to go along with a good 'fro and punky, but delicate, rings.

diana ross

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