February 1, 2013

Chunky + Graphic

turtleneck- RL Polo [similar]
sweater- Element [same ON SALE]
leggings- Zara [similar]
leopard flats- Nine West [similar]

I scored this sweater on Black Friday and have worn it at least two dozen times since the UPS guy dropped it off! Yet... this is its first appearance on the blog. I am sure it felt rejected, but it knows that it has been well-loved. 

As I was searching the Interwebs last November for the perfect chunky sweater, I checked my closet to see what I already had purely for brand reference. When I came across my favorite sweater, I hopped over to scour for something by the same brand. I'm not sure what most people do, but when I find a brand I love, I try to be loyal. It helps with sizing and knowing whether or not you will get consistent quality. Just something to think about :)

Anyway, I fell in looooooove with this sweater because 1. it is chunky 2. big colla' hollaaaa' and 3. black + white. Perfect 3-spot combo if you ask me! It has definitely proven to be one of my favorite easy-go-to-lazy-but-still-appropriate pieces. 


  1. You look absolutely fabulous in this outfit! Great photos and your sweater score is awesome. :)

  2. that graphic wrap blanket sweater is AUH-MAZING!!!
    you look fabulous!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. Love love that sweater, and the leggings!


  4. So glad to have come across your blog! Your style is fabulous! Love the leather leggings & that cardi - gorgeousss!!

    I'm your newest follower :)