February 16, 2013

Black on Black

turtleneck- R. L. Polo [similar]
pants- Gap [samesimilar]
boots- Sam Edelman [similar]
hat- vintage [similar]
rings- thrifted

It seems as though I am on a dark neutrals kick. During the deep winter months, I tend to crave black. I have never been able to figure out why, but it somehow makes me feel warmer. Although, it may be all of the layers of black I tend to wear at once, but whatever works, right?

This outfit is the result of complete laziness and post-gym hair. I bet that's a combo I've yet to use on the blog! Days spent running errands and paperwork call for complete comfort. At times, that means sweatpants, but these pants are essentially socially appropriate leggings... and I love it! This Rag & Bone for Neiman Marcus at I found at Target has been a weekly wardrobe staple. It is really cozy and warm for weather that is not warm enough for a coat, but too cool for a light sweater.

As for my vintage hat... it looks like a wig, feels like a wig, but isn't a wig. The shape is amazing as well! It makes me feel so Russian. 

So today's lesson can be summed up into one statement:

              Black makes you feel warmer and vintage wig-esque hats make you feel Russian.

Logical? Logical.

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