January 29, 2013

Inspiration: Melon & Blueberry

Spring is rapidly approaching and stores are already putting out resort and pre-spring collections! The weather here in LA needs an attitude adjustment and winter seems like a long-lost memory. In other words, it's already time to get ready for spring! My boots are stored away and my shorts are already in full weekend rotation. Pretty soon the bikinis will be making an appearance... which will eventually help combat my White Pasty Leg syndrome. Self diagnosed, of course.

To keep your cool in winter-to-spring transition time, use your usual winter pieces to mix in with your spring items. Here, I have kept the fall/winter vibe of using navy or nude flats with a monochrome melon shade for the clothes. Keep the feet classy and the rest of the outfit fun! Throw on a light weight brown leather jacket for chilly days and ditch the jacket for an after-lunch walk outside.

This look could also work for a good kelly green or with shades of purple or pink. Whatever your bright monochrome fancy, make it happen!

melon & blueberry

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