January 3, 2013

Flowy vs. Boxy

Breakdown: jumpsuit- vintage Bill Kaiserman (goes w/ this coat), 
jacket- GapKids circa 1999, loafers- thrifted

For the last couple of months, I have not been wearing as much true vintage as I used to. I am not really sure why, but my vintage dresses felt too girly for my life at the moment.* As I have talked about in previous posts, I have been on a serious tomboy kick with most of my outfits. Whether I compulsively throw on my blazer, constantly wear my loafers, or suddenly hate showing my waistline, tomboy has been as consistent attitude in my wardrobe lately. Each morning I get dressed wanting to skip the flowy kick-pleat skirts and go for structured pants in boxy cuts. Granted, some days I need a break from structure and boxy and sprint to the other end of the spectrum as 100% girly.

In cleaning out my closet during my break, I have been trying to figure out which pieces stay and which go. I have my "work only" items which, when I'm not teaching anymore will immediately be placed in a bag and taken to Goodwill. That many button-up short sleeved blouses that remind me of a 2nd grade teacher can't stay in my closet. Sorry, but they just don't go with my leather leggings...

SO, my point is that I am still trying to figure out my own personal style. Which, because I have a blog, makes it a bit more fun because I can play around and see what I like "in print" rather than rely on my mirror. And if you're a blogger too, you know that mirrors lie sometimes. Like, all the time.

*8th graders tend to not take pink polka dots very seriously. 

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