January 4, 2013

Coat Dress

Breakdown: coat- thrifted, tights- Nine West,
shoes- Liz Claiborne, clutch- DNKY via TJ Maxx

After 2 weeks of time off, I woke up this morning tired of jeans and a sweatshirt. Instead, I just wanted to wear a pretty coat, some outrageous tights, and cat eye liner. I did nothing important while wearing this outfit, but it just felt good to play dress up! 

My favorite trend as of late that I have seen on one of my favorite editors, Miroslava Duma, is wearing a coat as a dress. I really like those days when it is cold enough to keep my coat on wherever I go, so I don't have to worry so much about what I'm wearing underneath. I can wear thin layers close to my body, while the coat looks amazing, fooling the public eye into thinking I have something cool going on under it. HA, fooled them!

Here in Louisiana, cold weather isn't something we encounter very much, but when we do, I want a pretty coat. Granted, I have had most of my coats since high school, so the style and cut look outdated and most of them don't even fit anymore. As in they're all too big... and I know I haven't shrunk since then, so I'm not sure what that is about! I have decided that when spring comes I will be going through my coats and ridding myself of the ones I know I will not wear anymore. Next fall I will be on the lookout for a few new coats that are both functional and pretty. I'm already excited about looking for them! 

Below, I've put together a little mood board for what I will probably be looking for next year! I will probably add a streamlined black or dark grey coat, since these brighter choices likely do not scream everyday wear. It's about balance!

dress coats

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  1. absolutely love this coat! what a lucky thrift find!