December 31, 2013

A Vintage New Year

coat- vintage, stolen from Mom
gloves & hat- Your Friend's Closet Sale @ LSU
clutch & shoes- Dillard's (I think…)

As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you readers who let me share my life and my outfits with you each day. I love having this blog and you guys make it all worth it! I have grown so much over the last 3 1/2 years and honestly have no idea how I would have kept sane at times without the blog to come home to. I am thankful for the opportunities this blog has brought me, as well as the doors it has opened for my life. I don't want to be mushy, but I am so glad I started this blog because of a random idea. It has turned into something so much greater than I imagined!

So about your New Year's outfit… I put this one together for a mini shoot with Tate a few weeks ago and did not think of how gorgeous it would be for a vintage themed New Year's soirèe! A fur coat will keep you warm outside, but a sassy 1940s abstract floral print dress can hold its own once you get inside! Pull your hair into a side twist to keep it out of your face, but top off your look with a face-framing hat that is guaranteed to turn a few heads. I have always been intrigued by the way ladies in the 1930s and 1940s wore their hats cocked to the side and thought it was a bit strange. Now that I have one of my own, though, I feel so mysterious and full of mischief in it… like I can give the side-eye extra hard and it is totally appropriate because… hat

And you cannot possibly forget gloves! They are essential to any vintage look! Gloves are a great way to keep your warm, but also look ladylike resting on your clutch throughout the night as you sip champagne and wait for the ball to drop.

I hope you all have a great start to the new year!

In the effort of full disclosure, I am spending my New Year's Eve in full bonfire mode and will likely be in sweatpants and a very ugly (but warm) coat. Livin' the life.

December 27, 2013

Pink & Blue

sweater- American Eagle [similar]
jeans- J. Crew [same]
coat- Gap Kids (circa 2000…)
boots- Timberland

I hope you all had a great holiday! I spent mine spending time with my family and eating way too much of my sister's fudge. Seriously though, it is my favorite holiday food! I wore this outfit for our Christmas Eve get together with 2 of my sisters and their kids. After dinner, I sat back and watched two of my nephews run around the coffee table hitting each other with a punching game, working off all the chocolate pie they ate for dessert. I was exhausted just looking at them!

PS: If you look closely, you can see a little bit of pink at the ends of my hair! I had it done a little over a week ago and am loving the slight shade so much that I am tempted to put more in. Baton Rouge peeps looking for a cool colorist, see Maria at Paris Parker Perkins Rowe. Thanks, Maria, for braving my pink request!

December 20, 2013


dress- Gap [similar]
coat- vintage [love this one]
tights- Target
boots- Clarks [similar]
cowl- gift
gloves- Marshall's

About a year ago, I wore basically this exact outfit. I traded my polka dots for solids, mustard for oatmeal, and ankle boots for lace-ups. I loved it then and I love it now! 

I can't deny a classic combo!

December 18, 2013

Yankee Doodle

oxford- J. Crew [similar]
sweatshirt- Gap [similar]
denim- Levi's [similar]
coat- vintage [updated]
sneaks- Converse [same]

Guys, I love baseball. I mean, I loooooove baseball. It was an acquired taste for me after having spent many years earning permanent bleacher butt for my brother's games. Once I finally learned the rules and what exactly was going on (also… the purpose of a shortstop), I was fascinated!

The ping! of a bat, the thump of the ball solidly hitting a glove, and the crazy 15 innings spent in the blazing sun on a Sunday afternoon at the old Alex Box! These were all part of the romantic notion of America's favorite pastime. 

If you have ever seen Moneyball or read the book, you might have an appreciation of the game afterward. It proves that baseball is the only sport where anyone can win at any time. Baseball is anyone's game, and it doesn't matter if you are Josh Hamilton or Barry Bonds. To quote Billy Beane, "How can you not be romantic about baseball?" 

Oh, my outfit? It was really really cold this day and this is the warmest coat in my closet…and I stole it from my Mom. Apparently my favorite coats are never truly mine.

December 17, 2013

Cotton Candy

oxford- Levi's
sweater- Forever 21 [similar & under $20]
pants- LOFT
coat- Gadzook's (aka… the glory days of F21) [similar & oh so fluffy]
loafers- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx

Honestly, I have no idea what possessed me to don an outfit which makes me look like a cotton candy booth at the fair, but it just felt right. After a few days of grey rain, bursting with color was the way to go. Grey may be my favorite color to wear, but blue is my favorite color for the sky to be. I live for the sunshine and cannot imagine life without it. I am one of those people who gets into a major emotional funk at times it rains day after day. Picture me walking out of my purple front door singing, "I have confidence in sunshiiiiiiiiine!!!" 

That's me after rain.

Side note: I cannot be positive, but I am pretty sure that Keiko would like my coat.

PS: Today is my last day with my regular hair color. I am getting something fun at Paris Parker this afternoon and will reveal it on Instagram @sarahjulianne. Be sure to follow me and get the scoop… and stop by the Holiday Shopping event tomorrow from 6-8 at the Perkins Rowe location!

December 14, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty

Gift Guides are taking over the Internet, but this is one you definitely want to bookmark! Whether you're looking for something for the guy or gal in your life, or want to pick up something for yourself, there is something budget-friendly for everyone. 

The sets Paris Parker has put together are perfect for the holiday season! Lip glosses for windy days, hand relief in crisp mints, and more! See some of my favorites below, and don't forget to make your wish list here for an easy pick-up in store. 

PS: I hope to see you at the Holiday Shopping Event on Wednesday!

December 13, 2013

Daddy Long Neck

turtleneck- Gap
blazer- ℅ Merci Beaucoup
jeans- Levi's
sandals- TJ Maxx
necklaces- vintage, thrifted

What is it about a turtleneck that turns me into Lesley Ann Warren, feeling like a giraffe and not being the least bit mad at it?