November 29, 2012


I live in a small town. If I go to Wal-Mart from the hours of 1-5 on a Saturday afternoon (given that there isn't an LSU game on) I will probably run into at least a dozen people I went to high school with. As I browse Facebook (once a day, maybe), I am realizing that I am at the age where everyone is getting married or having kids.

According to the Southern Girls' Guide to Survival*, I am outdated and, in 2 years, will be deemed a spinster. Cats will begin stooping on my stoop by my next birthday, scoping out the status of my personal life, assessing whether or not I will be their future forever home. 

Too bad I'm allergic to cats and would rather kill lizards myself.

Here are some facts:
1) I don't like to go out and "party." 
2) Bedazzled-bottom jeans leave marks on my booty.
3) My general response to people inquiring about my personal life is: Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

I have a full time job that is physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing. Yes, I love it, but it takes so much out of me that I usually want to go home, eat a bowl of BlueBell Nutty Chocolate** and stare at the Rat Pack poster on my wall until it's time to get a shower. 

I have a few side jobs. This blog is one of them. I count this as a job because I put money into it, but it's really a hobby. And it's a hobby that I love. I want to keep doing it because it is my fun outlet and it keeps me from watching so many episodes of NCIS (insert Gibbs slap). 

My other side job is managing a non-profit organization I started 2 years ago. No, it's not off the ground yet but paying insurance & making sure the IRS stays off my case is important.

For another side job/hobby, I am on the worship team at church. I love it and am committed to it. It does take time, though. Practices, regular services, practicing at home, extra services, making sure I don't eat dairy the day of, etc. 

I have kept all of this up for the last whoknowshowmany months and don't plan to stop. Most days, I am fulfilled. Other days I just want to stop and sit outside eating satsumas off the tree and be a hippie. I'll put that on my list of things to do next. But, for now, I like life, even when it's insane (so... always). 

As far as getting married and having kids right now? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.


*Future self-help guide written by yours truly. The sequel? Grocery Cart Etiquette by my bestest frond's sister, J. Claire.
** Best. Ice. Cream. Ever.

PS: Yes, you are allowed to be amazed at my awesomeness. But before you do, make me a t-shirt. I'd like the whole world to know it, too.

November 28, 2012

Color vs. Motivation

Breakdown: tee- Urban Outfitters, sweater- Element (old), 
cords- Gap, boots- some place... some where

After 2 very grey weather days and adjusting to going back to my "normal" job, I needed a little col'ah. Red cords & mustard + navy shirt? Accomplished.

I've found that if I wear drab colors/clothes, my work is drab. The opposite is the same. Fun colors/clothes, my work is top notch. It's not scientific, but looking down at my fire engine red pants when I get tired of staring at the same document on my desktop at work keeps me on my [tow-may] toes!

What do you think? Do you perform better when you wear fun colors or clothes? Or do you work better in sweatpants and a tee?


November 27, 2012

Hi-Tops & Beanies

Breakdown: jacket- American Eagle Outlet, jeans- Levi's,
beanie- PacSun (eons ago... like probably 2005), hi tops- Converse

I'll be straight with you here... this was the only remotely decent photo in the cache today. It's cold and misty outside and, well, I'm tired. And maybe a little hungry. It is also possible that I have a negative number of endorphins at the moment. And as we all know, "Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands." Not that I'm married, but you get the picture. Oh & these jeans are officially out of my closet rotation. All of the frontal photos made my legs look like sausages. Yeah... no.

Today was a free dress day for the kids at school so teachers got a jean day! I knew I wanted to wear my hi-tops and I have fallen into the @TargetDoesItAgain rabbit hole too many times in the last week. Too much Ascot Friday means I want to wear beanies and pretend I am a PacSun model with great beachy hair and not a care in the world. 

Oh, to be young again.


November 25, 2012

Anchors Aweigh

Breakdown: oxford- Levi's, pullover- vintage, pants- J. Crew, shoes- Aerosoles

This pullover... oh this pullover! I found it last month at the Your Friend's Closet Sale and fell in love with it instantly. Needless to say, my love for it has not faltered while it has been sitting in my closet. It is super warm & cozy, plus it makes me feel like I'm wearing a letterman jacket! I never got a letterman in high school because, well, I'm not the most athletic person in the world. Though a letterman would have been cool then, I am positive that this Navy jacket will be worn far more often in my life than a letter jacket.


November 24, 2012

Farmer's Marketing + Typical Tomboy

Breakdown: flannel shirt- thrifted, jeans- men's Levi's, 
coat- brother'd, boots- Clarks, purse- thrifted Coach

This morning, Mom and I got up early and headed down to the Farmer's Market here in town to stock up on our favorite sausage, since the plant is shutting down. It is seriously the best, but I totally understand that the owners want to retire :( My belly may not understand once my supply runs out.

After our local FM we headed to downtown BR to their FM. It was our first time going and we think we may have found a replacement favorite sausage plant! It was freezing and shady outside, so we headed inside and explored a little. Once we warmed up and put our bags in the car the Latte e Miele truck showed up and I just had to have some gelato! By the bottom of my cup I was full of mango awesomeness and couldn't feel my hands. I'd say it was a morning well spent.


PS: The old fire house (red doors) is officially where I want to get married one day. It's dusty, so I figure I can just give Benadryl as a favor. Logical, right?

November 22, 2012

Lasers + Leather

Breakdown: blouse- Marshall's, pants- thrifted J. Crew,
shoes- BCBG outlet (old)

Happy Thanksgiving, my U.S. friends! My family always has our gathering around lunch time, so the rest of the afternoon is spent reorganizing the fridge for leftovers and watching movies. I haven't chosen my movie yet, but I am definitely leaning towards Hello, Dolly! I need a little Babs & Walter Matthau in my life today.

I am assuming that most people are gearing up for Black Friday deals. I may do a little online shopping either tomorrow or for Cyber Monday, but the crowds of people aren't worth saving a few bucks! How do Black Friday goers do it? I get too anxious around crowds and hate lines. What are you hoping to save on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? (We can't forget about Small Business Saturday... that's more my style. Local joints with good deals!)

About the outfit... I found this blouse at Marshall's a couple of weeks ago in the junior's section. I couldn't resist the laser cut collar and the baby doll shape! This morning I was thinking how cool it would have been if the collar was leather-- am I right?! As far as these shoes go, I rarely wear them because they rub my feet, but they are a good height for casual day wear and comfortable because of the wedge. I've had them for years and wore them to my high school graduation ceremony. Man, now I feel old!

The photo below is of my MawMaw's ankle boots-- notice that she matched them to the red stitching on her striped sailor pants. She's so good... so so good.


November 21, 2012

A Sequence

Breakdown: blouse- thrifted BCBG, shorts- thrifted Banana Republic,
loafers- Marshall's, belt- J. Crew outlet

Today was a big day. Not only was I wearing shorts in November, but I went Mac. That's right! I'm obsessed, even though I am so confused and keep clicking things 5 times before I get the right button. I'm so used to a right click soooooo we'll see how learning codes goes. My brain hurts from testing things out so I think I will bust out the manual tomorrow and look up some stuff online. I'm one of those people who hates not knowing! Nerd? Maybe.

Moving on to this outfit... This blouse is so beautiful that I didn't want to cover it up with a jacket! I have been waiting for a warm day to wear it to show them off. I love finding modern blouses with a vintage feel at a thrift store price. These shorts are the same way. When I saw them a few years ago at Goodwill, I went through the following sequence:

1. pull out of the rack and inspect
2. see label (Banana Republic Safari)
3. look around suspiciously to make sure no one else is around
4. believe yourself crazy... hello you just found vintage BR and they're silk and your size
5. quickly tuck into shopping cart and giggle down the aisle


PS: Don't lie... you've done it too.


November 19, 2012

Dubble Bubble

Breakdown: blouse- Levi's, pants- LOFT, loafers- TJ Maxx

A week day out in the world, not spent inside my classroom with 90 8th graders saying my name 100 gazillion times in a day, was... blissful. I love them, but I needed a brain break.

I got my car washed [poor baby needed it so badly]. I went to 2 doctors' appointments. I went to the post office. And I figured out which computer I will be treating myself to! I feel so productive and my day didn't have to start at 5 A.M.

On to this outfit...

I wouldn't normally pair teal, pink, and purple together, but I felt like I needed a little color today! Yes, I look like a package of Dubble Bubble watermelon gum, I promise I wouldn't taste like it if you bit into me. 

Take that back. I can't promise, but please don't try.


November 18, 2012

A Boyish Charm

Breakdown: tee- Target (men's), jeans + hat- Gap, 
loafers- thrifted, necklace- Saint Claude NOLA

Here's the deal... I'm obviously on a tomboy kick, so you should just get used to it. I have been finding myself feeling more comfortable and "myself" in boy clothes. I don't have this inner battle going on or anything, but I feel like my curves, though tiny, are more accented in men's clothing.

Weird, yes. But true to my feelings. And here in the blogisphere we are all about the being yourself, finding who you are, rah rah rah sis boom bah, Kumbaya stuff. Don't worry though, the frilly dresses in my closet with get their turn again one day...

When my loafers give out.


November 17, 2012

Under the Canopi

As a blogger, it is always nice to learn new ways to find other blogs and get noticed by other people. Unfortunately, this can be difficult sometimes! We either don't have the time to find new blogs or we haven't a clue as to where to look. Trust me, I get it. 

Enter Canopi, a new site that just launched that is by bloggers, for bloggers! I have been playing around with it for a couple of weeks after being contacted by one of the founders, Erin Flynn, the fingertips behind Reality Chic. The site is still in it's beta stage, so it can only get better from here! I encourage you to sign up and check it out. 

If you want more info on Canopi, check out the blurb on Inside FMM here

Oh... & go sign up and follow me!


November 16, 2012

Worn out

Breakdown: sweater- Old Navy,
oxford + loafers +scarf- thrifted, jeans- Levi's

I know I have been wearing these pieces often lately, but when you find something you love, it gets worn out. Like that blanket you had as a baby. Or that glow worm named Mima [me/mah] you carried around with you 24/7 whose tag had to be resewn at least two dozen times and now lives in the secretary in your room never to be taken out for fear that she get lost in your purse like that one time you took her on vacation and couldn't find her for 8 months.

Maybe that's just me.

If I'm not alone in wearing out my favorite pieces, which pieces are you working to wear out?

On another note, do you have any suggestions for black jeans? I need skinny and black black black with the ability to make my legs look non sausagey and preferably on sale. Hit me up if you have any ideas!


November 14, 2012

Just Do It

Breakdown: coat- vintage, dress + tights- Gap,
boots- TJ Maxx, cowl- etsy

There are some days that you just need to wear polka dots with stripes. 

Even though you will only be at work for half of the day and then sitting in meetings the rest. Even though you will have to sit on the bleacher steps very carefully so as not to 1) show your cute undies and 2) rip a run in your tights.
Even though you just shaved your legs and you feel like that constitutes leaving them bare.
Even though you get weird looks from everyone you see because your legs look like chicken pox and your top half looks like you're a jail bird.

Despite all of those excuses to not wear stripes + polka dots, I had to. I just did. Because, people, sometimes you just do.


November 8, 2012


Breakdown: blouse- TJ Maxx, skirt- vintage thrifted, shoes- Liz Claiborne

This outfit is actually from Sunday, but I forgot about it. Forgive me? I will bribe you with M&Ms!

For the last couple of weeks I have felt whelmed. Not overwhelmed, just whelmed (name that sitcom source & you may win a prize). I switched from one classroom and one set of students to another in a short period of time. I also may be switching back to my old position after Thanksgiving break, or I might be staying where I am now. It is all very confusing and my brain is running like crazy and spinning 24/7.

That said, if I am scarce for a little while, know that I am still alive. I'll just be working on actually having endorphins, settling my brain, and exercising my fingers to get back to reaching 10 keys on the piano. Right now I'm at 7 which, if you know anything about playing piano, wouldn't even get you in remote competition with this kid


PS: He missed 2 notes. *hair flip*

November 5, 2012

I Got the Blues

Breakdown: tee + pants- Gap, sweater- Express, shoes- Liz Claiborne

Reasons why I was drawn to these pants:

   1. they're blue
   2. blue is my favorite color
   3. they're a pretty blue, not a weird blue

As I was putting together my outfit today, I knew I wanted to wear these pants. However, I wasn't sure what to put with them... there was black... and then white. After that, I was at a loss. Herein lies the reason Pinterest has been so successful. I high-tailed it over to my phone and searched "cobalt blue." BAM! Overload of inspiration!

This time I went with purple. Next time? Maybe chartreuse. Pray tell, what would you pair with these party pants?


PS: I was obviously on point with the blue today since Scott Schumann did a post on it this morning. Great minds think alike? We'll go with it.

November 3, 2012


Breakdown: dress + fedora + belt- Gap, blazer- thrifted Dior, loafers- thrifted

I originally took outfit pictures sans hat because, well, it hadn't been purchased yet. As soon as I saw it at Gap, I knew it had to be mine! It went perfectly with what I was already wearing so...

I know I wear this dress, this blazer, and these shoes a ton, but when you find things to put in your closet that just work, they're worth the wear & tear. Grey is one of my favorite colors. Tees are my favorite type of top. A grey t-shirt dress? Well, that's just a bomb of awesome in my book! 

The preppy but casual feel of this outfit works for a casual weekend stroll around Gap... or the dirt pile that is my front yard.