June 25, 2012

Birthday Swag

So Saturday was my birthday. 23 full years of existence. You're welcome, world!

Mom found a 1950 Motorola AM radio, a cameo ring, and a cool 60s carry on suitcase that smells like 1962! My MawMaw gave me the cake stand, which is so simple and beautiful! I can't wait to make brownies and put them on the stand! 


June 24, 2012

Baubles & Bloggers

Mom and I headed to New Orleans this morning for the Baubles & Bloggers event I wrote about in this post! It was fun to meet some other local bloggers that I have recently discovered! I must say, though, the best part was meeting the ladies below! 

For the first NOLA Fashion week, I attended the Blogger Panel, where Lindsey, Keiko, and Christine spoke. Since I am super awkward and have never perfected the social graces of "butting in", I didn't meet them. But this time I did! They were super sweet and Keiko & I are going to move to Portland/Seattle so we can fit in. We want to live where our attire is appreciated, dude.

Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie and Kimberly Pesch of Eat.Sleep.Wear. 

Keiko Groves of Keiko Lynn

Helena Glaser of Brooklyn Blonde and Christine Cameron of My Style Pill

My loot from Saint Claude! I saw their jewelry a NOLA Fashion Week last Fall and fell in love with how creative each piece is! Dipped okra, dipped bird skulls, dipped gumballs galore! Mom & I cracked up at the okra because we never knew there was something you could do with it besides eat it. Alas, we were proven wrong. And I am so so glad about that.

Big one for Mom, little one for me!

I found out that they sell Saint Claude in one of my favorite shop in Baton Rouge, Noelie Harmon! How did I miss that? Check here for the list of other carriers around the country!


June 19, 2012


Breakdown: dress (1940s)- Time Warp, belt & jewelry- thrifted, sandals- TJ Maxx

Errands, interviews, and running around requires a pretty dress and the perfect brown sandals. 


June 17, 2012

Steps and Stones

Breakdown: tank- American Eagle, jeans- Levi's, sandals & shades- TJ Maxx, purse- thrifted Coach, scarf & jewelry- thrifted

Guys, last week was a weird one. It has been exactly 7 days since the family move-out and my body is still getting used to the sounds of a new bedroom. For example, at 6:30 a.m. the ducks trek across the street to the lake in my front yard and pass by my bedroom window. They quack... loudly. Other than that, I have had a hectic time of moving things to different locations, cleaning the house, moving Sister #2 and her family into our old house, etc. All that and I still haven't a clue how the timer on my oven works! One step at a time, I guess.


June 13, 2012


The first weekend in June I met up with Dani, Bekah, & Sarah for what we called #bloggerblingring2012! We have all been blogger friends for a while now and finally got to meet... in person! Dani came in from LA, Bekah from Memphis, and Sarah from Houston for a weekend in BR and NOLA! Since Mode Fashion Week was rescheduled from its original dates, I didn't get to go to New Orleans with the ladies, but Dani and Bekah spent their first night here in Baton Rouge and we explored a little bit! After all, we were officially "strangers" until then. 

Here are some fun(ny) happenings from the weekend:
Bekah and I getting stuck in TJ Maxx because of a monsoon.
Leaping from behind a pole to surprise Dani.
Our waitress at Acme hating me because I asked her to explain hushpuppies to Dani. 
Bekah being really weird late at night.
A plate of fries... at least, I think it was fries.
Discussions of hash browns and so many, "Do you have ________ where you live?"

It was SUCH a blast meeting these ladies in person, and we hit it off immediately! I'm sad that I couldn't be in New Orleans with them, but it our time spent was a treat!

Love you ladies!


June 7, 2012

The Show [Mode Fashion Week]

Breakdown: dress- made by my MawMaw in '74, necklace- thrifted, shoes- All Saints via TJ Maxx

I wore this dress to the Mode Fashion Week shows! Guys, this is my MawMaw's dress. I am so glad we are the same size! 

Below is the only decent shot I got at the event because the lighting was off from my seat. When Scene Magazine publishes them, I'll send the link so you can see pictures from the show! I will admit that Bert's was my favorite collection... naturally. His designs were some of my favorites on the show and his attention to tailoring was impeccable!


June 6, 2012

What Would Barbra Wear?

Breakdown: muumuu- vintage/thrifted, jewelry- thrifted/gifted, sandals- Bella Bella

This is what I wore to Fashion Friday!

I love muumuus. They give me an excuse to wear pajamas in public without looking like a slob. It's like they have super powers or something!


PS: As I am typing this, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert is on... I'm watching it for approximately the 37th time. Every time Patti Smith walks out and then David Crosby strolls onto the stage I spaz. And then Art Garfunkel opens his mouth and Heaven opens up! If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it!

June 5, 2012

Fashion Friday Meet & Greet [Mode Fashion Week]

Waiting in line

Laura Kathleen's sample pieces

Probably talking about vintage. Or Boy Scout shirts.

Ryan, me, Bert, & Joshua

Bert's sample pieces. That blue is to die for.

Ryan's sample pieces-- all of his prints were custom made from magnified rocks

Josh's sample pieces
I double dipped when Laura Kathleen got there!

Last Friday was Fashion Friday at Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge-- another event for Mode Fashion Week! It was an open event for the public to meet the designers participating in MFW! I've met Ryan before, but it was really cool to meet the other designers and talk to them. I have to be honest and admit that my favorite designer on Project Runway Season 9 was Bert, simply because his aesthetic was very mid-late 70s. Very Bianca Jagger meets Cher meets Barbra, but wearable every day. I was excited to meet Joshua & Laura Kathleen, too! As expected, Joshua was a colorful personality and Laura was super sweet. It was fun to meet everyone and get a preview of their collections!


June 4, 2012

Styling & Photoshoots [Mode Fashion Week]

Another workshop I attended for Mode Fashion Week was Styling & Photoshoots! Ryan took us through Apricot Lane, a boutique in Baton Rouge, and showed us ways to use what you have to style for different occasions. We started with 3 models who had only clothes & shoes on. Next we tried styling each outfit with jewelry, concentrating on proportions and styling for the occasion. After jewelry, we went through shoes and handbags. 

One thing that was really interesting was to see how other attendees styled the models. It was fun to see how other people put things together and get ideas that I would not have thought of! It was cool to talk about how the store was set up, with jewelry and belts close to the dressing rooms. Think about it... if you're trying on a dress and have an idea to try on a belt, wouldn't it be easier if the belts were right outside the dressing room? It was one of those, "Oh, duh" moments! 


PS: Wouldn't a skinny mustard belt look PERFECT on the middle model? 

June 2, 2012

Childish Fun

Breakdown: dress- Time Warp, loafers- thrifted

These are a couple of photos from what I wore to the last workshop for Mode Fashion Week and a little hanging around with Dani, Bekah, and Sarah! More on that later...