May 31, 2012

Don't You Just Want to Dye [Mode Fashion Week]

Last night was the dyeing workshop for Mode Fashion Week! If you watched the last season of Project Runway, you know that one of Ryan's "things" was dyeing and manipulating fabrics. He demonstrated a few ways that he manipulates fabrics and experiments to make prints. It is really difficult to find good patterned fabric around here, and learning how to make your own print besides just using SpoonFlower can be an awesome way to customize designs! I've worked with dyeing before, but found out that I'd been doing one thing really wrong-- ombre. 

Check back to this post, for example. I dyed this lace and tried to ombre it. As you can see, it didn't work. I dipped the whole dress into the dye bath and then let the bottom sit in the bath for longer while the top sat out. What I should have done was rinse it out first, and then get the part I wanted darker really really wet and then dip it back in after adding a little more dye. Getting the darker part really wet allows the dye to bleed up, creating that cool gradient look you want. 

The first 3 photos are of garments that Ryan used fabric paint on. He started out in graphic design, which gave him some art techniques that basic apparel design doesn't give. He took a regular paint brush, dipped it in the paint, and used a gradient technique. This is a fantastic way to change the fabric without dyeing it, since synthetic fabrics are a gazillion times more difficult to dye! Another cool factor is that it isn't puff paint like your aunt used on those matching Hanes sweatsuits with fabric paint and cut-out fabric butterflies. #amiright?

I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the events this week!


May 30, 2012

Struttin' My Stuff

Breakdown: shirt- Gap, shorts- Time Warp, loafers- TJ Maxx (DV by Dolce Vita), jewelry- thrifted

Hot pants make me feel hot. And leather hot pants, well, they make me feel sizzlin'. Add glitter loafers and BAM! You have yourself one confident girl! I may or may not have pulled a Travolta strut walking to the workshops for Mode Fashion Week tonight. I can't say for sure.


PS: Please still be praying for me, as I am still of a sickly nature. I can't really eat efficiently (I haven't had "real" food in 6 days...), so my energy is way down. I could probably eat an entire Chinese buffet... and I just might when I get better! 

May 29, 2012

Dream A Little Dream

Breakdown: dress- Time Warp, sandals- TJ Maxx, purse- thrifted Coach, rings- thrifted or gifted

Sorry I've been so scarce these days. I have been sick for about a week and am still getting over the nasty virus, so pray for me! 

Tonight began the events for Mode Fashion Week and I went to Time Warp for the Going Green workshop! Aside from getting to shop around and walk out with a couple of to die for dresses, it was cool information and fun to hear ways to produce less waste of everyday items. Basically, buy vintage and used because it's way more fun and saves the earth! Now, let's go hug a tree. 


May 23, 2012

Where is my hard hat?

It's not done (obviously...), but this is as of Wednesday, May 23. The paper on the floor is to protect the concrete floors from paint and wood stain drips. It also helps protect my slammin' wax job on it! You can see a little of the sealed concrete in the 2nd picture. The concrete in the kitchen/living room/bathroom was just sealed, so it has a ton of character stains and splatters on it. There are a few gashes from a tornado dragging nails a long time ago, oil stains from a '54 yellow Chevy, tire marks, etc. Basically, it looks lived in and cool. The concrete in my bedroom and closet is stained a darn blue-grey. The closet floors are darker, because the concrete is part of the original structure, so the concrete is older. My bedroom floors were hand-done and are only a month old, so it absorbed the stain and is lighter. It's interesting to walk from one room to the next and see a difference! The stain isn't even, either, and the chemicals in the sealer reacted so there are some brown spots that look a little rusty. It's like tie-dye. And we all know how cool that is! Enough about the concrete...

The entryway from the edge of the kitchen cabinets. Front door on the right, cased opening is my bedroom entrance, and the brown door is the stairwell.

From the main entrance: the kitchen. PS: the breaker box will be left shown with the door placed back on it, of course. The door in the middle is my bathroom. If you notice, there is NO crown trim at the top of the cabinets-- I. do. not. like. molding. 

Past the kitchen area on this wall will stand my upright Yamaha and my record player with some record storage. 

From the edge of the open shelving kitchen cabinets. The tall workbench will have a few stools & be ghetto stained like the other kitchen cabinets. That wall will be covered with my super secret surprise thing. My island is a stainless steel restaurant prep table. 

 The living room from the fridge area. Do you think I have enough bookshelves? They will be stained the black like the kitchen cabinets. My leopard school bench will sit below the window between the shelves. 

My room from the door. Big window on the right. B. I. G. window. Right now, I have a nice view of a mulch pile, but that will be taken care of at some point. I still have to figure out some sort of window dressing as far as blinds go. I'm working on it!

The edge of the big window wall, looking into my closet. Big closet. Like B. I. G. window, but B. I. G. closet. I will finally be able to have all of my clothes in one place... in theory. 

That's it for the update!


Crazy Easy

Breakdown: dress- thrifted (Target), sandals- TJ Maxx, shades- Target

Today may be the first day in a week that I have put on real clothes. Well, except for Sunday, but I was too tired and sweaty to take pictures. And we all know that if you don't document with a picture, it didn't happen. 

It's been crazy around the house lately because we have been finishing up on my parents' cabin and starting to finish my house. If you remember this post, I was having a freak out moment week and everything was too abstract for me to think. Fortunately, things are concrete now (literally... concrete), and it's all coming together! 

Last weekend we stained the concrete in my bedroom and sealed the concrete in the kitchen and living room. The cabinets were put in this morning and the bookcases installed in the living room! We put in the order for the wall paint and ghetto stain/paint for the cabinets this morning, and the cabinets are getting stained tomorrow. Here's what I mean by ghetto stain/paint... the stain I want doesn't come in gallons, only quarts. For that many kitchen cabinets, the cost would be astronomical. So, we're doing an old school way to stain by using 1 part black paint and 1 part water. I tested it out this morning and it looks so. good. 

After spending time at the supply store, I picked up my niece and we headed out to pick up my super special really awesomely cool wall things for over the tall work bench. I will reveal them at a later date, because they are going to be extra secretive to the blog world. But, trust me, they're cool. Then we wound up at Honeymoon Bungalow, a sister-type store to Time Warp. I found a plum-awesome inbetween-banana-and-mustard velvet chair! How most of my furniture ended up being velvet, I will never know. But I am beyond ecstatic that it is! 

Anyway, there's more of an update with that, but I'll tell more later! And with pictures!


May 15, 2012

All Dressed Up

Breakdown: dress- Target (2+ years ago), belt & purse- thrifted, sandals- Dillard's

Even though I did not have much to do today, I still felt like dressing up! I've been covered in paint stripper and stuff that looks like my #3 pet peeve-- marshmallow creme. Typing those two words made me cringe a little. But not as much as the word "moist." 


PS: Yes, that is the new Coach bag I thrifted a few days ago!

May 13, 2012

Girly Girl

Breakdown: tank- Levi's, skirt- Forever21, scarf- Target, sandals- Dillard's

My skirt is pink. My scarf is polka dots. Am I turning into a girly girl?


May 9, 2012


Breakdown: dress- TJ Maxx, belt- Target, sandals- Nine West via DSW

Today was supposed to be about me studying for the GRE, which I am taking tomorrow. Instead, it turned into me driving all the way out to school to sign papers. 45 minutes both ways for 5 minutes. Despite the irritant, I stopped by Goodwill and found a never used & vintage Coach purse for $20. Steal.


PS: Check out my feature on The You Are Project here! I talk about trends and how you don't have to regret them 10 years from now... hopefully.

PPS: If you go see The Lucky One, look for the kid playing "Dog owner's son" in the blue shirt! He was in my class for the summer camp I did last summer! 

May 7, 2012

A Day Muumuu

Breakdown: dress & belt- thrifted, earrings- World Market, sandals- TJ Maxx, shades- vintage

I woke up this morning at 6:40 am. My alarm was set for 5:40. Did my alarm go off? Nope. That's why I have this fabulous daytime muumuu and a grungy topknot. Praise the Lord for dry shampoo! About these shades... they're actually my Mom's old boyfriend's. After 30 years I don't think he misses them.


May 2, 2012

A Hint of Yellow

Breakdown: tee & scarf- Gap, skirt & rings- thrifted, belt- Target, sandals- Sam Edelman

There is a reason I rarely wear my hair in a ponytail: headaches. Never. Again.


May 1, 2012

Twirly and Whirly

Breakdown: dress- thrifted Heatherette, flats- Dillards

This dress = happiness. That is all.