March 28, 2012

The Wonders of Wednesdays

Breakdown: tee- J. Crew outlet, jacket- American Eagle outlet, jeans- Lucky Brand, loafers, scarf, & jewelry- thrifted/vintage

It's Wednesday (free dress day for the kids = jean day for the teachers). Which means that it's almost Thursday. Thursday means a field trip. Thursday also means that it's almost Friday. And Friday means SPRING BREAK!!! After this week, I have 4 weeks of student teaching left. At this point, I am almost finished and I'm ready to be finished. Regular showers and workouts? Free time? Lunches made fresh and not from a lunchbox? Shorts on a week day? OH. MY. GOODNESS. Sure, I will miss my kids (I still desperately miss my students from my first half), but I am ready for different responsibilities. Burn out, much?


PS: I was mistaken for a student by an 8th grader today. And yesterday. And the day before that. 

March 25, 2012

Does a swingy skirt make me sing better?

Breakdown: shirt- Limited Too (circa 1999), skirt- thrifted (part of a little girl's Easter suit), belt- thrifted, sandals- TJ Maxx

I went to bed last night with not a clue of what to wear this morning. I can't lie... I am not a fan of that feeling. It usually means that I'm going to be running late for worship practice because I couldn't decide what outfit I hated most. Finally, it came to this. Comfortable, airy, and a swingy skirt, which, I pinky promise, makes me sing better! 


PS: Check out this article in Where Y'at Magazine out of NOLA!

March 24, 2012

Don't Feed the Designer with Ryan Auld

Fly buttons. Button-fly. Punny.

Lace & Leather *gasp*

c/o Tate Tullier
Last night I went down to Perkins Rowe for Ryan Auld's studio space opening with Scene Magazine! He is preparing for Mode Fashion Week in a month where he and a few of the other Project Runway season 9 designers will be showing in Baton Rouge! I was definitely that weirdo who walked in snapping a ton of photos while crouching on the ground likely showing my non-cute undies, but whatever. And I may or may not have stared at the fabric wall for a solid 5 minutes imagining what I would do with the fabric. I got to see Ryan and catch up a little bit! I also ran into an old band friend from middle school, who, come to find out, is producing MFW! So random! Anyway, I also saw AJ Buckley (from CSI: NY), and Lucy Raborn, who has become one of my favorite models. She's from Baton Rouge and is still in high school, so it was fun to talk about real-life vs. model-life and wigging out about a Tom & Suri sighting at Whole Foods. 



Breakdown: romper- homemade, belt- thrifted, shoes- Converse Lo

This has been a crazy week! I had to go to a mock interview night right after school on Monday (smelling like 6th grade...), worship practice Thursday night, a studio premiere last night, and a birthday party today! My poor DVR feels so lonely. And to think that my schedule is only getting more packed in the next 2 months? It already makes me wonder when I'll sleep. Life is never boring!


March 20, 2012

If Joan Wilder Wore Pink...

Breakdown: blouse- Levi's, skirt- thrifted, belt- Target, flats- Dillards, rings- vintage

I look a little like Double Bubble today, right? Does anyone remember that episode of Brotherly Love when the mom was bottom-of-a-chair gum for a Halloween party? Maybe I will save this outfit and wear it again. Complete with a chair attached to my head, of course.


PS: My whole outfit blends into my skin. Sun and warmth, stay for a while!

March 18, 2012

Hoppin' Around

Breakdown: dress- Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx (!!!), belt- Dillards, shoes- Naturalizer (old), rings- vintage, braid c/o awkward breakage bang grow-out

If you noticed that the title of this post is "Hoppin' Around", congratulations. If you noticed it and thought, "Why didn't she just call it "Jump Around" and then start rapping?", rest assured that the rapping happened. And the birthday party scene in Mrs. Doubtfire came to mind. Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin...

Back to reality: I found this dress at TJ Maxx in Hammond, America on a whim trip after a long mid-semester student teaching meeting. It is super soft and easy to wear and the skirt doesn't touch me. I am always drawn to those easy dresses that you can change up with a belt or cardigan. In fact, I already have an idea of layering this skirt over it. I also found a tall stool that will look perfect in my new place! More on that news later this week...

March 11, 2012

Calico & Military

Breakdown: dress- Dillard's, jacket- American Eagle Outlet, belt- thrifted, boots- Dillard's (on super duper sale for $12), rings- thrifted/eBay, blonde poof- c/o springtime

I love this dress. I really really love this dress. If I could have this dress in various lengths and various colors & patterns, I might wear it every day. Do you have a dress like that? I sincerely hope you do, 'cause it feels good!


PS: A rust velvet vintage chair can completely make someone's day, if you were wondering...

March 8, 2012

Where's My Kelso?

Breakdown: sweater- Gap (old), skirt- Noelie Harmon, belt- thrifted, sandals- TJ Maxx

I won't lie to you. I got tons of compliments on this skirt today (even from my students). First time wearing it, too! I instantly swooned over the chevron print and it brings out the Jackie in me. Now where's my Kelso?

It is finally warm enough to wear a sweater & bare legs! And about those bare legs... as soon as the sun decides to come out on a day that I can be friends with it, I will certainly work on my tan. But, until then, ghostly white it is!


PS: Did you notice that the sides and middle seams match perfectly on this skirt?! My MawMaw will be so proud.

March 6, 2012

Green + Purple

Breakdown: tee & scarf- Gap, pants & sweater- TJ Maxx, flats- Dillard's

After a very long day of listening to the same folk tale 3 times, 65 12-year olds asking me questions constantly, and an odd amount of physical exhaustion, I'm going to start and end this post with this: colored jeans count as professional pants and that is awesome.


March 4, 2012


Breakdown: tee- Gap, cardigan- PacSun, skirt- vintage, flats- Antonio Melani, belt- thrifted, rings & bracelets- thrifted/gifted

For the last week, I've been in a poopy mood. Yeah, poopy! My body felt completely out of whack, the weather was gross, and my skin decided to rebel against normality. That's gone now, and, of course, the sun helped me out! With sun comes color in my book. I had something different on when I ate breakfast this morning, but by the time I left I changed into this. It's a blast of color and probably looks 15% tacky, but I do not even care. I may look like a Pre-K teacher, or a Little Tykes toy from the 70s, but I feel like frolicking in a field. 

The point is, sometimes you get in a funk and you can get out. But when you finally do get out of it, dress like a box of crayons and you may want to leap in the air and kiss chubby babies. Maybe.


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PPS: Tom, Katie, and Suri are in Baton Rouge for a movie so I am hoping that I just happen to run into them at, you know, the grocery store. I'll keep you posted. Who knows? Maybe Suri will let me play in her closet...

March 1, 2012

Boy Jeans, Suspenders, and Wanderers

Breakdown: oxford- Levi's, jeans- Levi's men, boots- Clarks, bow tie- MawMaw'd, hair beard c/o the wind

Today was "Tacky Day" at school and, as a matter of fact, I saw a ton of suspenders on the kids. And you know what? I almost wore my suspenders today too! That would have been so weird. I already get strange looks from other teachers in the halls who think I am a wandering student. 

About these jeans: last week when Mom and I celebrated the marvelous day we call Wednesday, I found these jeans at Levi's... in the mens section. Lately I have gone to that side of the store immediately because they have more variety and cool-factor. Of course, the sales guys look at my like I'm a unicorn and always question my reasoning for wanting mens jeans. I also get the whole assumption that I'm looking for jeans for a guy I know and when I let them know that they're for me, they either shrug or say, "Oooookkkaaayyyyy" Whatever. I like boys pants better.


PS: Did you see Elaine's post on adult acne yesterday? I've been going through the same thing, although not as severe, but the same emotions. It's very well-written and spot-on!