December 27, 2012

Red, Black, & Tangee

Breakdown: sweater- Gap, leggings- Zara, hat- TJ Maxx,
flats- Nine West, necklace & rings- thrifted, Tangee- Vermont Country Store

In thinking of what to write for this post I considered reposting my ode to leather pants, "O Leather Pants," but decided against it. I almost recorded a video of me singing it, but reconsidered once I saw the state of my hair staring back at me in the back cam. I'm not afraid to embarrass myself, but that would have taken it a little too far... trust me.

Instead, I will write my praises for my new old school lipstick. This formula is said to turn your lips a personalized shade! Let me just say that if you are a lover of original cosmetics, you need a tube of this! It has the texture of a good chapstick, but has a tint to it while not having a strong pasty color. It's good for gals like me who look like scarecrows with lipstick on :)

After all of the Christmas festivities, the next thing on my list of things to do over my break was see a few movies! Mom and I began by catching Les Miserables. As a lover of musicals and plays, IT WAS AMAZING. Anne Hathaway was genius and if she does not get an Oscar for her performance the world has no soul! Hugh Jackman was emotionally raw and Russell Crowe surprised me. Although, I am glad that my Dad wasn't with us so we didn't have an Anna Karenina repeat of "this is so dumb" every half hour.

That's okay, Dad. I don't like to watch your fishing shows. Consider us even.


  1. THIS MAY BE MY FAVORITE OUTFIT OF YOURS EVER. This is just so freakin' chic it kills me.
    so in love

  2. 1. If you liked Les Mis, I will now see it.
    2. I almost drunk-online-purchased these leggings the other night. But I got scared.

  3. Les Mis is amazing and I can't wait to see it! I am sick with anticipation to see Anne Hathaway strut her stuff. Your outfit is killer and I love the leggings.

  4. Beautifull smile and nice leathers!!