November 16, 2012

Worn out

Breakdown: sweater- Old Navy,
oxford + loafers +scarf- thrifted, jeans- Levi's

I know I have been wearing these pieces often lately, but when you find something you love, it gets worn out. Like that blanket you had as a baby. Or that glow worm named Mima [me/mah] you carried around with you 24/7 whose tag had to be resewn at least two dozen times and now lives in the secretary in your room never to be taken out for fear that she get lost in your purse like that one time you took her on vacation and couldn't find her for 8 months.

Maybe that's just me.

If I'm not alone in wearing out my favorite pieces, which pieces are you working to wear out?

On another note, do you have any suggestions for black jeans? I need skinny and black black black with the ability to make my legs look non sausagey and preferably on sale. Hit me up if you have any ideas!



  1. I have had a lot of great luck with the dark denim at Forever21 in the plus line. I've gotten black and inky blue that don't really fade. Good luck!