November 8, 2012


Breakdown: blouse- TJ Maxx, skirt- vintage thrifted, shoes- Liz Claiborne

This outfit is actually from Sunday, but I forgot about it. Forgive me? I will bribe you with M&Ms!

For the last couple of weeks I have felt whelmed. Not overwhelmed, just whelmed (name that sitcom source & you may win a prize). I switched from one classroom and one set of students to another in a short period of time. I also may be switching back to my old position after Thanksgiving break, or I might be staying where I am now. It is all very confusing and my brain is running like crazy and spinning 24/7.

That said, if I am scarce for a little while, know that I am still alive. I'll just be working on actually having endorphins, settling my brain, and exercising my fingers to get back to reaching 10 keys on the piano. Right now I'm at 7 which, if you know anything about playing piano, wouldn't even get you in remote competition with this kid


PS: He missed 2 notes. *hair flip*


  1. Good luck with work, Sarah
    And I absolutely love the bright skirt
    it matches your beautiful smile :)


  2. Sitcom?! It's from 10 Things I Hate About You!

    And I like you.

  3. Hey! We're skirt twins today! Lovely look!

  4. Yes, I also recognize it from ten things I hate about you, the movie. Bianca is asking her friend if you can ever just be "whelmed" haha.

    I do love your outfit. That skirt is so fabulous!!

  5. note to self: must rewatch the office!!