November 22, 2012

Lasers + Leather

Breakdown: blouse- Marshall's, pants- thrifted J. Crew,
shoes- BCBG outlet (old)

Happy Thanksgiving, my U.S. friends! My family always has our gathering around lunch time, so the rest of the afternoon is spent reorganizing the fridge for leftovers and watching movies. I haven't chosen my movie yet, but I am definitely leaning towards Hello, Dolly! I need a little Babs & Walter Matthau in my life today.

I am assuming that most people are gearing up for Black Friday deals. I may do a little online shopping either tomorrow or for Cyber Monday, but the crowds of people aren't worth saving a few bucks! How do Black Friday goers do it? I get too anxious around crowds and hate lines. What are you hoping to save on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? (We can't forget about Small Business Saturday... that's more my style. Local joints with good deals!)

About the outfit... I found this blouse at Marshall's a couple of weeks ago in the junior's section. I couldn't resist the laser cut collar and the baby doll shape! This morning I was thinking how cool it would have been if the collar was leather-- am I right?! As far as these shoes go, I rarely wear them because they rub my feet, but they are a good height for casual day wear and comfortable because of the wedge. I've had them for years and wore them to my high school graduation ceremony. Man, now I feel old!

The photo below is of my MawMaw's ankle boots-- notice that she matched them to the red stitching on her striped sailor pants. She's so good... so so good.


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  1. You are just the cutest thing ever to have lived!