November 14, 2012

Just Do It

Breakdown: coat- vintage, dress + tights- Gap,
boots- TJ Maxx, cowl- etsy

There are some days that you just need to wear polka dots with stripes. 

Even though you will only be at work for half of the day and then sitting in meetings the rest. Even though you will have to sit on the bleacher steps very carefully so as not to 1) show your cute undies and 2) rip a run in your tights.
Even though you just shaved your legs and you feel like that constitutes leaving them bare.
Even though you get weird looks from everyone you see because your legs look like chicken pox and your top half looks like you're a jail bird.

Despite all of those excuses to not wear stripes + polka dots, I had to. I just did. Because, people, sometimes you just do.


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