November 29, 2012


I live in a small town. If I go to Wal-Mart from the hours of 1-5 on a Saturday afternoon (given that there isn't an LSU game on) I will probably run into at least a dozen people I went to high school with. As I browse Facebook (once a day, maybe), I am realizing that I am at the age where everyone is getting married or having kids.

According to the Southern Girls' Guide to Survival*, I am outdated and, in 2 years, will be deemed a spinster. Cats will begin stooping on my stoop by my next birthday, scoping out the status of my personal life, assessing whether or not I will be their future forever home. 

Too bad I'm allergic to cats and would rather kill lizards myself.

Here are some facts:
1) I don't like to go out and "party." 
2) Bedazzled-bottom jeans leave marks on my booty.
3) My general response to people inquiring about my personal life is: Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

I have a full time job that is physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing. Yes, I love it, but it takes so much out of me that I usually want to go home, eat a bowl of BlueBell Nutty Chocolate** and stare at the Rat Pack poster on my wall until it's time to get a shower. 

I have a few side jobs. This blog is one of them. I count this as a job because I put money into it, but it's really a hobby. And it's a hobby that I love. I want to keep doing it because it is my fun outlet and it keeps me from watching so many episodes of NCIS (insert Gibbs slap). 

My other side job is managing a non-profit organization I started 2 years ago. No, it's not off the ground yet but paying insurance & making sure the IRS stays off my case is important.

For another side job/hobby, I am on the worship team at church. I love it and am committed to it. It does take time, though. Practices, regular services, practicing at home, extra services, making sure I don't eat dairy the day of, etc. 

I have kept all of this up for the last whoknowshowmany months and don't plan to stop. Most days, I am fulfilled. Other days I just want to stop and sit outside eating satsumas off the tree and be a hippie. I'll put that on my list of things to do next. But, for now, I like life, even when it's insane (so... always). 

As far as getting married and having kids right now? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.


*Future self-help guide written by yours truly. The sequel? Grocery Cart Etiquette by my bestest frond's sister, J. Claire.
** Best. Ice. Cream. Ever.

PS: Yes, you are allowed to be amazed at my awesomeness. But before you do, make me a t-shirt. I'd like the whole world to know it, too.


  1. Cats stooping on my stoop is my dream come true.

  2. I just wanna Amen and Amen and Amen this post! I'm totally in the same boat.

    And I, too, can't even be a cat lady, as I'm allergic to them as well! Can't catch a break! haha