November 24, 2012

Farmer's Marketing + Typical Tomboy

Breakdown: flannel shirt- thrifted, jeans- men's Levi's, 
coat- brother'd, boots- Clarks, purse- thrifted Coach

This morning, Mom and I got up early and headed down to the Farmer's Market here in town to stock up on our favorite sausage, since the plant is shutting down. It is seriously the best, but I totally understand that the owners want to retire :( My belly may not understand once my supply runs out.

After our local FM we headed to downtown BR to their FM. It was our first time going and we think we may have found a replacement favorite sausage plant! It was freezing and shady outside, so we headed inside and explored a little. Once we warmed up and put our bags in the car the Latte e Miele truck showed up and I just had to have some gelato! By the bottom of my cup I was full of mango awesomeness and couldn't feel my hands. I'd say it was a morning well spent.


PS: The old fire house (red doors) is officially where I want to get married one day. It's dusty, so I figure I can just give Benadryl as a favor. Logical, right?

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