November 19, 2012

Dubble Bubble

Breakdown: blouse- Levi's, pants- LOFT, loafers- TJ Maxx

A week day out in the world, not spent inside my classroom with 90 8th graders saying my name 100 gazillion times in a day, was... blissful. I love them, but I needed a brain break.

I got my car washed [poor baby needed it so badly]. I went to 2 doctors' appointments. I went to the post office. And I figured out which computer I will be treating myself to! I feel so productive and my day didn't have to start at 5 A.M.

On to this outfit...

I wouldn't normally pair teal, pink, and purple together, but I felt like I needed a little color today! Yes, I look like a package of Dubble Bubble watermelon gum, I promise I wouldn't taste like it if you bit into me. 

Take that back. I can't promise, but please don't try.



  1. Looking fabulous as always! Sounds like you had an awesome day! :)

  2. This is such a pretty color combo!!

  3. Love the town square-ness in the background! Oh, and I know what you mean. Week days off are the best, right now I am enjoying this kinda of 10AM and now the work-related one haha