November 28, 2012

Color vs. Motivation

Breakdown: tee- Urban Outfitters, sweater- Element (old), 
cords- Gap, boots- some place... some where

After 2 very grey weather days and adjusting to going back to my "normal" job, I needed a little col'ah. Red cords & mustard + navy shirt? Accomplished.

I've found that if I wear drab colors/clothes, my work is drab. The opposite is the same. Fun colors/clothes, my work is top notch. It's not scientific, but looking down at my fire engine red pants when I get tired of staring at the same document on my desktop at work keeps me on my [tow-may] toes!

What do you think? Do you perform better when you wear fun colors or clothes? Or do you work better in sweatpants and a tee?


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