November 3, 2012


Breakdown: dress + fedora + belt- Gap, blazer- thrifted Dior, loafers- thrifted

I originally took outfit pictures sans hat because, well, it hadn't been purchased yet. As soon as I saw it at Gap, I knew it had to be mine! It went perfectly with what I was already wearing so...

I know I wear this dress, this blazer, and these shoes a ton, but when you find things to put in your closet that just work, they're worth the wear & tear. Grey is one of my favorite colors. Tees are my favorite type of top. A grey t-shirt dress? Well, that's just a bomb of awesome in my book! 

The preppy but casual feel of this outfit works for a casual weekend stroll around Gap... or the dirt pile that is my front yard.



  1. Your hair is so pretty! The color and style of it remind me of Blake Lively's hair. So jealous! :)

  2. Sometimes (all the time) I wish my head wasn't huge (its my brain of knowledge) so I could pull off hats. You look classic and classy ladybug!