October 2, 2012

Stripes + Polka Dots + A Side of Mustard

Breakdown: sweater- TJ Maxx, tee- Gap, scarf- Target, 
pants- LOFT, flats- Michael Kors via TJ Maxx

May I take a moment and get a round of applause for me? I pinned a look from the Emerson Fry lookbook and, darn it, I shopped my own closet and had exactly what I needed! 

And sometimes all a girl needs is a snazzy pair of mustard skinnies, a few stripes, and a burst of polka dots to get her out of a weather-induced funk. 


PS: Next on my list is this baby. Lawd knows I need a mustard velvet column skirt. Maybe I'll just strip my couch for material...


  1. This is why I love following fashion blogs...I have a "unbalanced" jacket like that I I barely wear it because I have no idea how to style. I am totally gonna wear it with a scarf and my colored jeans now!!

    PS You look adorable!!

  2. What a great combo! Gotta love Pintrest!