October 7, 2012


Breakdown: sweater- Old Navy, dress & shoes- TJ Maxx, necklace- Saint Claude NOLA

Yesterday I was in a bikini by the pool. Today I want to bundle up with hot chocolate! Oh, Louisiana weather, you trouble me so.

By this time next Sunday I will have (hopefully) had a successful shopping trip at the LSU Textile Museum's annual Your Friend's Closet sale! Vintage, vintage, and more vintage! I can't wait for the smell of old hats, the rush of entering the doors to the old barn, and the frenzy of a public changing room in a small space. I will be sure to share my finds with you!


  1. "I can't wait for the smell of old hats." Sarah...

  2. I've seen this sweater on Old Navy's site for a while, but have passed because it looks... meh. But it looks so great on you!! Now I want to go get it!!