October 28, 2012

Guy Meets Gal

Breakdown: oxford + blazer (boys' Dior)- thrifted, skirt- remade from a thrifted dress,
sweatshirt- Gap, shoes- Dillard's, glasses- Noelie Harmon

The weather has been trying lately as the South is always confused about the definition of fall. One day it's 85 at 2 p.m. and 53 by dinner time. As usual, I am hesitant to let go of my collection of shorts and dresses. I have my reasons, one of which is that I like my legs. Sue me. 

Inspired by this pin, this outfit was a perfect marriage of still exposing my [tan-losing] legs and staying warm. In looking through old outfit posts, my boy-meets-girl kick is still going strong and I don't see it dying down any time soon. If you like to borrow from the boys, however, make sure you bring a little girly sass into the outfit. Without it, the look could be boxy or awkward. With it, it looks like you threw on a cute dress and stole a few things from your Italian boyfriend's closet. 

Hey, a girl can dream!


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