October 1, 2012

Grey + Pink

Breakdown: dress- Gap (old), vest- Levi's (old), 
shoes- Marshalls, necklace- Saint Claude NOLA

Let's talk about the relationship between weather and our attire...

          When it's sunny out, what colors do you wear?

          When it's rainy out, what colors do you wear?

Me? I love grey. Grey is my third favorite color, just ask blue and yellow. They know they beat it out, but my favorite color as a kid, pink, is still bitter.

Today, the colors are playing nice. Grey, my favorite, and pink, my discarded, forgotten friend. It's like salty and sweet. Opposite, but complimentary.

Pray tell, what is your favorite color combo?


1 comment:

  1. You're cute. Duh. (How many times have I written this to you?)

    My favorite color is sea foam green. But I never wear it. Because who makes clothes in sea foam green?

    I like to wear royal blue. But I don't like to wear it with other colors. I'm boring.

    Pink & red. I like those together sometimes. If I ever wear them.

    Rambling. Perhaps I should have had an answer before commenting.