September 30, 2012

Tees: Professional?

Breakdown: tank- Urban Outfitters (old), skirt- TJ Maxx, 
sandals- Nine West, purse- Fossil old)

Since starting my big girl job and having to dress professionally every day, I have come to realize something: my version of a "work top" needs to change. I wear tees with everything. Tees are fine. I always wear them with a nice skirt or dressier pants, but they don't have to same "I'm a pro" effect. 

Does anyone have suggestions for places to shop for good work blouses that can be mix & matched? I'm helpless.



  1. How about just silky-ish button-downs in every color? Or versatile prints?

  2. If you love wearing t-shirts, you could find slightly nicer ones, instead of switching over to button-downs or blouses. I thought this post was interesting--it talks about how 'refined' certain fabrics and styles are.

    You might try looking for tees that are a mix of fibers, rather than 100% cotton, and ones with interesting details (gathered sides, faux-wrap style, etc) and/or some embellishment. It's easier to make these look dressy. Good luck! :)

  3. I get a lot of shirts from Target, Loft, and the Limited.