August 19, 2012

Stories to Tell

Once upon a time, in Mrs. V. Wilson's 5th grade class, we had a spelling bee. Each student went up to the board, trying their hardest to write their word in time. Mostly, we were just excited to write with the dry-erase markers (don't lie... you still get excited about writing on the board). One boy, Dustin, was asked to spell the word, "friend." As soon as he finished writing, we all realized he had spelled the word, "frond."

From that moment on, my bosom buddy and I have been official best fronds. 

We sing the Genovian national anthem without hesitation, never exchange gifts in a timely fashion, and will forever disagree on the best Fitzwilliam Darcy

She was the most beautiful bride. And, as my Mom said, "It was a very Laura wedding."


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