August 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After living here almost three months, my house is finally [pretty much] finished! We put the last few things on the walls a couple of weeks ago and it is looking more "lived in" rather than "stayed in." If you haven't seen my previous posts on the awesome shell I worked with, check them out here and here.

Allow me to give you a tour... even though I didn't clean up before taking these pictures. Whoever can spot my baseball lunchbox gets a prize. (I give really awkward high-fives)

The workbench! Those weird looking things on the walls? They're hot dog bun trays. I know, right? I found them at Circa 1857 in Baton Rouge, among the stacks of old doors. Another shop next door has hamburger bun trays on their ceiling. You can only imagine how cool it looks! We originally thought we would cover the whole wall with the trays, but then realized it would be too overwhelming. Shelves for my milkglass and other nonsensical things won! The shelves are made from old fence boards [above the stove as well].

The kitchen: 

Please excuse the blur. Old fence boards, stainless steel sheet backsplash, World Market globe:

The living room: most of my furniture is velvet... I'm not sure how that happened.

This light fixture plugged up the old wood burning stove. The red cages are 1940s and the metal one is 1930s. All from eBay.

This yellow table is my MawMaw's, but she says it was her mother's. I don't know if there's a difference, since they both had it at some point. Anyway, it was buried in the back of my aunt's storage room. Getting that thing out was insane. The table top was one thing, but the legs involved my mom crawling into the tiny attic space and my muscles being put to good use. I found the printed vinyl chairs at a random antique shop, the metal chairs from World Market, and the yellow chair from Goodwill.

If you have any questions about where to purchase items or find similar ones, shoot me an e-mail @!


August 23, 2012

Sassy Bottoms

Breakdown: tee & chinos- Gap, belt- Target, sandals- Sam Edelman via TJ Maxx

Hi-liter colored pants are genius. They're sassy without being too apparent.  


August 22, 2012

Look Ma, No Pants!

Breakdown: dress- Gap, loafers- thrifted, shades- Michael Kors

This is my third day in a row to be a walking Gap ad. 

On another note, I have disposed of at least 300 lovebugs in the last few days and am now noticing bug gut marks on my walls. Yucky, yucky, yucky.


August 19, 2012

Stories to Tell

Once upon a time, in Mrs. V. Wilson's 5th grade class, we had a spelling bee. Each student went up to the board, trying their hardest to write their word in time. Mostly, we were just excited to write with the dry-erase markers (don't lie... you still get excited about writing on the board). One boy, Dustin, was asked to spell the word, "friend." As soon as he finished writing, we all realized he had spelled the word, "frond."

From that moment on, my bosom buddy and I have been official best fronds. 

We sing the Genovian national anthem without hesitation, never exchange gifts in a timely fashion, and will forever disagree on the best Fitzwilliam Darcy

She was the most beautiful bride. And, as my Mom said, "It was a very Laura wedding."


August 14, 2012

Nipped & Tucked

Breakdown: dress- Ann Taylor outlet, shoes- Liz Claiborne, shades- Michael Kors

Every gal needs a black + white tiny print dress that fits just so and requires to accessories. A nipped waistline, tucked ruching, and a classic neckline fit the bill. 


PS: Alternate title for this post: "MAN, I feel like a woman" Thank you, Shania Twain.

August 13, 2012

The One with the Hannah Montana Song

Breakdown: dress- Loft, shoes- Keds (from high school)

Y'all. This dress is a sweatshirt, a hoodie, and a dress. Best of all worlds? Definitely.

August 11, 2012

Of Baseball Tees and Denim

Breakdown: tee + shorts- Levi's, boots- Clarks, okra necklace- Saint Claude NOLA, rings- thrifted, scarf- vintage

First week of school... down! I survived. I may have even thrived, but that has yet to be determined. I went to the teacher store today, which usually makes me want to throw up, but it didn't. I also have to admit that I wore this outfit to Friday Night Live last night. #unashamed

Now I have a date with my laptop, lesson plans, and my DVR. Wish me luck, homies!


August 7, 2012

Stripes + Loafers

Breakdown: dress- Gap, loafers & jewelry- thrifted

An easy dress to hid a pasta-induced food belly [photo not shown; I'm not that secure with myself] that is perfect for teaching in. A good length, a good weight, easily layered when the temperature drops. Basically, a great dress that will become a staple in my wardrobe. Welcome to the rotation, sweet thang.


August 6, 2012

Update + Inspiration

Hello, loves! It has been a crazy few days for me. Since getting my teaching position, my mind has had a lead foot and my body at a standstill. Between cleaning my classroom (it was terrible), rescheduling everything for the next 4 months, and trying to wrap my head around back-to-school-ness, I have been a bit of a train wreck. I don't know what questions to ask and, even if I did, I probably wouldn't have to ask them because I would already know the answer. In lieu of the alsdfjlasjf that is my life right now, I have managed to do my laundry, remember to eat [sometimes], and even make time for a thrifting adventure that lead me to find a cobalt blue 100% silk Amanda Uprichard dress for $5. I call that living, people!

Enough of the "real life" nonsense! I have some news for you. I know, I know, I've been full of news lately. Well, this time, it involves you hearing my voice. A while back, Ana from the podcast show My Symphony of Life contacted me about a podcast interview! My portion starts about 7 minutes in, so check it out here! If the link or playlist decides to have a 'tude, you can find it on iTunes-- just search "My Symphony of Life" and it's Episode 22. 

Now, for a little peek into what I am loving lately.

Source [Rodellee has my heart]





PS: I got bright orange chinos last week. Beware, my students, ya got the nutty teacher in the back building. 

PPS: I really hope to do an updated post on my house soon! But it isn't finished yet (Dad, if you're reading this...). I'm like an artist who doesn't show their work before it's finished. And I say in my best impression of Russian, "NO, you may NOT see my piece!" 

August 1, 2012

Free & Easy

Breakdown: tank- Urban Outfitters, vest- TJ Maxx, shorts- Levi's, loafers- thrifted, necklace- Saint Claude, shades- vintage

Today was a big day for me, y'all. As of this morning, I have a job. Like, a paying job. With a paycheck. I will be the special education teacher at a middle school for the fall semester while the regular teacher is on maternity leave (with twins...). School starts in one week, so I might be a serious nutcase. Whatever, I'm excited! Time to celebrate!


PS: I went a little nuts at Gap today with buying "teaching clothes", so I'll be the teacher walking around in neon pants.