July 5, 2012

While You Were Out: Matters of Merrymaking

While I am singing on the top of a mountain, hanging with the monkeys, and perchin' with cool peeps, I have some exciting guest bloggers to tickle your fancy until I get back! Here is Bekah, from Matters of Merrymaking!

Good morning to you, Think Twice Style readers! While our Sarah dear is having the time of her life in Costa Rica- I am thrilled to be guest posting over here today.  Sarah and I have been blog friends for quite some time, but recently we met face to face, and I think it is safe to say our lives were changed for the better. I am Bekah, the merrymaker, and I regularly live over at Matters of Merrymaking where I share my personal style, galavants around town, and often my favorite adult beverage.
Today I am sharing my faaaavorite summer trends. Ch-ch-check it out.

I think it is safe to say that I am a fan of color.
Moving on! First up, midi length skirts are everywhere now.  It took the perfect green ombre one found in a thrift store for me to finally proclaim my love!

I hope tribal print never goes away.  I am all over it!  If you are a reader of mine, you already recognize this top because it is my absolute favorite shirt in my whole closet.  You can't go wrong with sheer, tribal print!

Polka dots have been a constant in my closet since the famed sweatsuit fad of the early 90's.  Matching bow, included.  Big dots, little dots, all cool in this merrymaker's book.

Jokingly referred to as the mullet skirt, I am a fan of the high to low hem. High in front, longer in the back skirt.  In fact, it is perfect for the 100% humidity here in Memphis.  You get the breeze of a short skirt, with the modesty of a maxi! Win-win!

Thanks for sharing this time with me!  What trends are you LOVING this summer?
Hope you are having a great week! 

Thanks, Bekah! Maybe we can get stuck in a TJ Maxx soon and find me something tribal print? 


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  1. Someone reeeeal sassy must've taken that photo of you in your favorite top. ;)

    Woo wooooooooooo.