July 13, 2012

Costa Rica: From My iPhone

Behold, another overload of photos from Costa Rica! These were all taken from my third hand, my iPhone.

Whale's Tail!

Three Sisters @ Uvita Beach

@ the Hippie Waterfall

'Merica, from Costa!

Whale's Tail with the Laurens!

Katie Torwalt! I will do a reflection post later on the whole conference, but sinceriously, this girl is flippin' awesome.

Bryan & Katie Torwalt doing a Q&A

HOMEDOG AMBER! She reminds me of Sister #3, so she's obviously a hoot.

Under those green things are ants, who carry these pieces of leaves all over to keep the trees alive. The video I took of these guys is going to be the next YouTube sensation, guaranteed.


View from the top. #nofilter


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