July 30, 2012

An Education

Too many roosters in the chicken coop = a day full of education in how a chicken becomes lunch. I'll spare you the *ahem* detail shots.

I elected myself "event photographer". Animals aren't my thing.

And now, photos that represent my general attitude towards the whole event:


July 29, 2012

Autumn Breeze

Breakdown: dress- Kensie via Dillard's (super duper sale... it was missing the belt), sandals- TJ Maxx, rings & earrings- thrifted, shades- Michael Kors via Stein Mart (years ago)

I wore autumnal colors today with hopes of bringing in some fall weather with them. It didn't work. Instead, it was blazing hot outside and the air conditioners at church froze. This situation sounds faintly like my grocery store line choosing abilities. You see, I always pick the seemingly short line that turns out to be the longest time-wise. Even when I try to psych myself out and get in my second choice line, it backfires. Do tell, what is the science behind choosing good lines at the grocery store?


July 28, 2012

Purple Slippers

Breakdown: blouse & slippers- TJ Maxx, short- Express, necklaces- thrifted

Heyyyyyyyyyy friends! I know, I know... it's been a while. I've missed you, bloggity blog! Life has been a little crazy. So much so that my Mom, sister, and niece and I went to a baby shower today that is actually tomorrow. Needless to say, the days are blending together and life may get a little crazier in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted, and I hope I mean that literally!


July 19, 2012

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Breakdown: dress- thrifted, jacket- American Eagle Outlet, sandals- BC via Bella, Bella

In case you are one of those people who like to have a direct path to a website, you may want to change my link to http://www.thinktwicestyle.com because, THAT'S RIGHT, I am officially my own domain! Woo hoo! Let's have a party! 

Happy hour at Sonic, anyone? 


July 17, 2012


Breakdown: dress- Sans Souci via TJ Maxx, shoes- Dillards (massively on sale), necklace- Saint Claude NOLA, purse- thrifted Coach

One day last week I made a trip to TJ Maxx between an interview and a lunch date. When I walked in I noticed the place was a little packed. I remember going to Marshall's with my Mom when I was little and it being empty! Like, deserted. Now every time I stop by a TJ Maxx or Marshall's it is completely packed! It's crazy! 

Speaking of TJ Maxx, I snagged this necklace when I met Lindsey, the TJ Queen! I don't usually spend "real money" (not thrift money) on jewelry, so it has become a favorite piece that seems to go with just about everything I wear. I love it!


PS: These photos were taken when it was pouring outside, hence the front door background. And see that weird silver tray in the background? That's my super secret cool thing that's going above the work bench in my house! 5 gold stars to whoever guesses what it is!

July 16, 2012

Guest Post: Rachel on Office Wear

Hey everybody! I have Rachel guest posting for me today, as I am bellied up in my bed recovering from a minor surgery. While I am living off of McDonald's hot cakes and chocolate, I hope you enjoy what Rachel has to share!


Hello! I'm Rachel from For the Birds and I'm happy to be stepping in for our friend Sarah today. 

If you're like me, your style is something that is important to you. It's a great form of creative expression. For me, dressing the way I do keeps me true to myself. The last thing I want to do is feel like somebody else - even when I go into the office. I just want to be a more refined version of myself. 

I love wearing fun colors, Vintage items, leopard print and patterns (especially florals & stripes.. sometimes I'll even wear them together). Some of those things aren't traditionally "office wear"..

Says Who?

Here are some tips for staying true to your style while still looking professional. 

1. Color and prints are totally appropriate (unless you're a funeral director.. and even then, what the hay). I'm a big fan of modesty and I'm actually most comfortable in a long skirt or maxi dress. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy wearing a shorter dress every once in awhile either, but I make sure I'm more covered up on top.

This dress embodies so many things I love : Vintage, turquoise and floral print. It's my favorite. Bonus : I wore it the other day and my boss loved it. The real kicker? It was only $1.99.

2. Even when you want to wear a tasteful black or navy dress, you can through in color elsewhere. Here I'm wearing a Vintage black dress with my favorite ruby wedges.

Another example is my post here - one of my favorite navy dresses with burgundy tights (it's the same dress that I also wore here).

3. Animal print is still your friend. Sure, maybe you're not going to wear a leopard or zebra print dress.. but  an animal print belt or pair of shoes? A definite do. My favorite is leopard print:

4. Again, bright colors can be work appropriate. My favorite pencil skirts are red and royal blue. Color is still your friend!

5. When in doubt, add a blazer. Throwing in a "serious" piece like a blazer is a great way to take your outfit up a notch. Plus, if your office is like mine, sometimes the AC seems to be on overdrive. This skirt was also a recent thrifted find.

Maybe you don't have an office job or internship, but I hope you can still use these tips and find a way to look professional while still being you.

Thanks for having me, Sarah!


July 15, 2012

The Mathematics of Capes

Breakdown: dress- Ahab Bowen Dallas (now closed), sandals- Ralph Lauren, rings- vintage

Last night, my friend Cali got hitched, and this is what I wore! I found this dress on my last trip to Ahab Bowen and am only just having a chance to wear it! The color is beautiful, the fit is perfect, and the fact that it has a cape-like draping... I can't contain my adoration for it. 

Cape dresses > regular dresses.


July 13, 2012

Costa Rica: From My iPhone

Behold, another overload of photos from Costa Rica! These were all taken from my third hand, my iPhone.

Whale's Tail!

Three Sisters @ Uvita Beach

@ the Hippie Waterfall

'Merica, from Costa!

Whale's Tail with the Laurens!

Katie Torwalt! I will do a reflection post later on the whole conference, but sinceriously, this girl is flippin' awesome.

Bryan & Katie Torwalt doing a Q&A

HOMEDOG AMBER! She reminds me of Sister #3, so she's obviously a hoot.

Under those green things are ants, who carry these pieces of leaves all over to keep the trees alive. The video I took of these guys is going to be the next YouTube sensation, guaranteed.


View from the top. #nofilter


July 12, 2012

Costa Rica: Peoples

Roomie picture with Lauren!

Vicki, aka: NOT my BFF

Whale's Tail with The Laurens

Soccer with the interns


At the Bamboo Waterfall with Vicki, Christy, Sarah, and Lauren

Hippie Waterfall

As if you can't tell, I was excited.

July 11, 2012

Stripes + Pink

Breakdown: tee- Gap, skirt + belt- thrifted, flats- Lucky Brand

I am officially back in the grind of daily life. I still feel as if I haven't caught up on sleep from my trip and have taken long naps every day since I got back. There is just something about my couch... maybe it's too squishy. Or maybe I fit right into the corners. Either way, these naps are messing up my regular sleep schedule. Any tips on how to stay awake even when I am practically drooling on my dinner plate?



Breakdown: dress- Urban Outfitters (super duper sale for $7), purse- thrifted Coach, sandals- TJ Maxx

A forgotten outfit post from the Baubles & Bloggers event a few weeks ago. This dress is the bomb.