June 4, 2012

Styling & Photoshoots [Mode Fashion Week]

Another workshop I attended for Mode Fashion Week was Styling & Photoshoots! Ryan took us through Apricot Lane, a boutique in Baton Rouge, and showed us ways to use what you have to style for different occasions. We started with 3 models who had only clothes & shoes on. Next we tried styling each outfit with jewelry, concentrating on proportions and styling for the occasion. After jewelry, we went through shoes and handbags. 

One thing that was really interesting was to see how other attendees styled the models. It was fun to see how other people put things together and get ideas that I would not have thought of! It was cool to talk about how the store was set up, with jewelry and belts close to the dressing rooms. Think about it... if you're trying on a dress and have an idea to try on a belt, wouldn't it be easier if the belts were right outside the dressing room? It was one of those, "Oh, duh" moments! 


PS: Wouldn't a skinny mustard belt look PERFECT on the middle model? 

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