June 13, 2012


The first weekend in June I met up with Dani, Bekah, & Sarah for what we called #bloggerblingring2012! We have all been blogger friends for a while now and finally got to meet... in person! Dani came in from LA, Bekah from Memphis, and Sarah from Houston for a weekend in BR and NOLA! Since Mode Fashion Week was rescheduled from its original dates, I didn't get to go to New Orleans with the ladies, but Dani and Bekah spent their first night here in Baton Rouge and we explored a little bit! After all, we were officially "strangers" until then. 

Here are some fun(ny) happenings from the weekend:
Bekah and I getting stuck in TJ Maxx because of a monsoon.
Leaping from behind a pole to surprise Dani.
Our waitress at Acme hating me because I asked her to explain hushpuppies to Dani. 
Bekah being really weird late at night.
A plate of fries... at least, I think it was fries.
Discussions of hash browns and so many, "Do you have ________ where you live?"

It was SUCH a blast meeting these ladies in person, and we hit it off immediately! I'm sad that I couldn't be in New Orleans with them, but it our time spent was a treat!

Love you ladies!



  1. I think when you said weird, you meant superfunnyawesome.

  2. Oh and I am stealing some of your pictures. k thanks bye!

  3. Ahhh, how fun!!! Dani is hilarious.

  4. I'm still slightly unclear on the logistics of hushpuppies. :)