May 23, 2012

Where is my hard hat?

It's not done (obviously...), but this is as of Wednesday, May 23. The paper on the floor is to protect the concrete floors from paint and wood stain drips. It also helps protect my slammin' wax job on it! You can see a little of the sealed concrete in the 2nd picture. The concrete in the kitchen/living room/bathroom was just sealed, so it has a ton of character stains and splatters on it. There are a few gashes from a tornado dragging nails a long time ago, oil stains from a '54 yellow Chevy, tire marks, etc. Basically, it looks lived in and cool. The concrete in my bedroom and closet is stained a darn blue-grey. The closet floors are darker, because the concrete is part of the original structure, so the concrete is older. My bedroom floors were hand-done and are only a month old, so it absorbed the stain and is lighter. It's interesting to walk from one room to the next and see a difference! The stain isn't even, either, and the chemicals in the sealer reacted so there are some brown spots that look a little rusty. It's like tie-dye. And we all know how cool that is! Enough about the concrete...

The entryway from the edge of the kitchen cabinets. Front door on the right, cased opening is my bedroom entrance, and the brown door is the stairwell.

From the main entrance: the kitchen. PS: the breaker box will be left shown with the door placed back on it, of course. The door in the middle is my bathroom. If you notice, there is NO crown trim at the top of the cabinets-- I. do. not. like. molding. 

Past the kitchen area on this wall will stand my upright Yamaha and my record player with some record storage. 

From the edge of the open shelving kitchen cabinets. The tall workbench will have a few stools & be ghetto stained like the other kitchen cabinets. That wall will be covered with my super secret surprise thing. My island is a stainless steel restaurant prep table. 

 The living room from the fridge area. Do you think I have enough bookshelves? They will be stained the black like the kitchen cabinets. My leopard school bench will sit below the window between the shelves. 

My room from the door. Big window on the right. B. I. G. window. Right now, I have a nice view of a mulch pile, but that will be taken care of at some point. I still have to figure out some sort of window dressing as far as blinds go. I'm working on it!

The edge of the big window wall, looking into my closet. Big closet. Like B. I. G. window, but B. I. G. closet. I will finally be able to have all of my clothes in one place... in theory. 

That's it for the update!