May 30, 2012

Struttin' My Stuff

Breakdown: shirt- Gap, shorts- Time Warp, loafers- TJ Maxx (DV by Dolce Vita), jewelry- thrifted

Hot pants make me feel hot. And leather hot pants, well, they make me feel sizzlin'. Add glitter loafers and BAM! You have yourself one confident girl! I may or may not have pulled a Travolta strut walking to the workshops for Mode Fashion Week tonight. I can't say for sure.


PS: Please still be praying for me, as I am still of a sickly nature. I can't really eat efficiently (I haven't had "real" food in 6 days...), so my energy is way down. I could probably eat an entire Chinese buffet... and I just might when I get better! 


  1. That last picture needs to be in a magazine!! OWW OWW!

  2. Such sexy shorts! You look great! And I'm saying a little prayer for you now <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. this is really cute!!! I'm going to have to save this as a look to try.

    Thanks for sharing :)