May 9, 2012


Breakdown: dress- TJ Maxx, belt- Target, sandals- Nine West via DSW

Today was supposed to be about me studying for the GRE, which I am taking tomorrow. Instead, it turned into me driving all the way out to school to sign papers. 45 minutes both ways for 5 minutes. Despite the irritant, I stopped by Goodwill and found a never used & vintage Coach purse for $20. Steal.


PS: Check out my feature on The You Are Project here! I talk about trends and how you don't have to regret them 10 years from now... hopefully.

PPS: If you go see The Lucky One, look for the kid playing "Dog owner's son" in the blue shirt! He was in my class for the summer camp I did last summer! 


  1. I love the dress and the color is perfect on you!

  2. Saw your instagram pic, totally and completely jealous of your score! Good luck on the GRE!

  3. I was too busy pretending that Zac Efron was biting MY lips off to be concerned with anyone else in the movie. :)

    21 days. Till I squeal.

  4. May we see your haul?? Also, this slim dress and easy summer shoes are so lovely.
    Awesome article, BTW.