May 31, 2012

Don't You Just Want to Dye [Mode Fashion Week]

Last night was the dyeing workshop for Mode Fashion Week! If you watched the last season of Project Runway, you know that one of Ryan's "things" was dyeing and manipulating fabrics. He demonstrated a few ways that he manipulates fabrics and experiments to make prints. It is really difficult to find good patterned fabric around here, and learning how to make your own print besides just using SpoonFlower can be an awesome way to customize designs! I've worked with dyeing before, but found out that I'd been doing one thing really wrong-- ombre. 

Check back to this post, for example. I dyed this lace and tried to ombre it. As you can see, it didn't work. I dipped the whole dress into the dye bath and then let the bottom sit in the bath for longer while the top sat out. What I should have done was rinse it out first, and then get the part I wanted darker really really wet and then dip it back in after adding a little more dye. Getting the darker part really wet allows the dye to bleed up, creating that cool gradient look you want. 

The first 3 photos are of garments that Ryan used fabric paint on. He started out in graphic design, which gave him some art techniques that basic apparel design doesn't give. He took a regular paint brush, dipped it in the paint, and used a gradient technique. This is a fantastic way to change the fabric without dyeing it, since synthetic fabrics are a gazillion times more difficult to dye! Another cool factor is that it isn't puff paint like your aunt used on those matching Hanes sweatsuits with fabric paint and cut-out fabric butterflies. #amiright?

I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the events this week!


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