May 7, 2012

A Day Muumuu

Breakdown: dress & belt- thrifted, earrings- World Market, sandals- TJ Maxx, shades- vintage

I woke up this morning at 6:40 am. My alarm was set for 5:40. Did my alarm go off? Nope. That's why I have this fabulous daytime muumuu and a grungy topknot. Praise the Lord for dry shampoo! About these shades... they're actually my Mom's old boyfriend's. After 30 years I don't think he misses them.



  1. oh i love the dress. it looks great and it's a perfect 'in a hurry' solution. i like how you added the brown belt.
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  2. Even though your alarm didn't go off at the right time, no one would know with how you put yourself together in this fabulous outfit!! Can I please find a dress like that and make it look like that on me?! haha

    dela chic

  3. Well you've done pretty well for sleeping through an alarm, says I. Love the dress, those earrings are adorable and the ring and sunglasses are super cool! I would miss them too!

  4. Ya sure don't look grungy to me!

    Once, during my Junior year of college, after a few too many cocktails, a guy told me my dress looked like a muumuu. And I cried.