May 23, 2012

Crazy Easy

Breakdown: dress- thrifted (Target), sandals- TJ Maxx, shades- Target

Today may be the first day in a week that I have put on real clothes. Well, except for Sunday, but I was too tired and sweaty to take pictures. And we all know that if you don't document with a picture, it didn't happen. 

It's been crazy around the house lately because we have been finishing up on my parents' cabin and starting to finish my house. If you remember this post, I was having a freak out moment week and everything was too abstract for me to think. Fortunately, things are concrete now (literally... concrete), and it's all coming together! 

Last weekend we stained the concrete in my bedroom and sealed the concrete in the kitchen and living room. The cabinets were put in this morning and the bookcases installed in the living room! We put in the order for the wall paint and ghetto stain/paint for the cabinets this morning, and the cabinets are getting stained tomorrow. Here's what I mean by ghetto stain/paint... the stain I want doesn't come in gallons, only quarts. For that many kitchen cabinets, the cost would be astronomical. So, we're doing an old school way to stain by using 1 part black paint and 1 part water. I tested it out this morning and it looks so. good. 

After spending time at the supply store, I picked up my niece and we headed out to pick up my super special really awesomely cool wall things for over the tall work bench. I will reveal them at a later date, because they are going to be extra secretive to the blog world. But, trust me, they're cool. Then we wound up at Honeymoon Bungalow, a sister-type store to Time Warp. I found a plum-awesome inbetween-banana-and-mustard velvet chair! How most of my furniture ended up being velvet, I will never know. But I am beyond ecstatic that it is! 

Anyway, there's more of an update with that, but I'll tell more later! And with pictures!


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