May 15, 2012

All Dressed Up

Breakdown: dress- Target (2+ years ago), belt & purse- thrifted, sandals- Dillard's

Even though I did not have much to do today, I still felt like dressing up! I've been covered in paint stripper and stuff that looks like my #3 pet peeve-- marshmallow creme. Typing those two words made me cringe a little. But not as much as the word "moist." 


PS: Yes, that is the new Coach bag I thrifted a few days ago!


  1. SARAH YOU DON'T LIKE FLUFF?! Can we still be friends?!

    I have a new icky word for you. "Chafe."

  2. you look so sweet! sometimes putting a pretty dress on for no reason is enough to turn a normal day into a lovely day. :)